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We unite nourishing teas with people to make the world a more relaxed and healthier place.

Bringing the delight and health of teas to the world

Teafloor is the retail brand of Budwhite Teas - a tea trading and production company.

Vision and Vibes

What do we do?

Budwhite Teas manufactures a large variety of teas and tea-based products.

Our range of teas spans green tea, oolong tea, white tea, black tea, wellness tea and gourmet tea, as well as a variety of delightful tea-ware and tea accessories which to cherish the peace and nourishment that comes with every cup of tea.

Our teas and herbs are sourced from the best tea gardens in India across Darjeeling, Assam, the Nilgiris, and Uttarakhand, as well as from select gardens in Japan, China, and Nepal. All our research, blending, processing, and packaging is done through our offices and factory in Delhi, whether under our own brand or for white labelling.

We make sure that only the best tea pickers, packers, and connoisseurs join our team to get you the most exquisite of blends with quality, consistency, and a motive to share our experience in teas with the world.

So, whether you are someone who wants tea for yourself or someone who wants to start a business in tea, we are here for you.

What are we trying to achieve?

We envision making high-quality tea accessible to all and increasing awareness about the health benefits and delight teas have to offer.

The Leading Team

Mukul Singhal
CEO & Director

Sparsh Gupta

Priyanshi Gupta
Strategic Advisor

Time For You To Enjoy Our Offers!

Founder Story

Our founder Sanjay Kumar Gupta started Budwhite Teas in 2012 to cherish his long love and passion for teas.

He left the Indian IT industry as a seasoned stalwart having an experience of over 30 years with giants like TCS and Birlasoft. Since 2012, he followed his passion in teas, and committed himself to bringing premium teas to the masses in India.

The Budwhite team today follows his vision with years of experience and knowledge in the field of teas, and not only continues to build the Budwhite brand, but also also helps other companies unleash their passion and potential by guiding them through their journey.

After all, the more people join us in enjoying nourishing and healthy teas, the better!


If you have any question about tea, collaboration, press, or events – please fill out the form.


    Mother Earth is gracious and precious. In honour of this wild and natural world, we help communities harvest the best teas across the regions. Then, our tea masters, only select the top 1% of the tea leaves from the best grown plants.

    Some of our favorite teas: Tulsi ginger green tea, Chamomile green tea, Exotic rose green tea, Pomegranate green tea, Zesty orange green tea, Dharamshala black orthodox tea, Clonal Musk Darjeeling black tea, Bombay cutting chai, Cardamom Tea, and Himalayan well rolled oolong tea.


    It’s our goal to move in a way that contributes positively to nature, and the hardworking families standing by its side. Every cup served builds a lasting, sustainable livelihood for the communities surrounding our field. We believe that without these families, we couldn’t have continued to push the boundaries of the tea sector.

    Each year, we give a portion of our profits to charity. And if it sounds less to us, we often move forward and work in the community. After all, for the amount of hardwork they bring in, they deserve more than just fair prices.

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    BudWhite Teas Pvt Ltd
    A-131 1st Floor Okhla Industrial Area Phase ll, Near Sanjay Colony, New Delhi, Delhi 110020

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    Need additional information get in touch on info@teafloor.com