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  • Know About AROGYA

  • Immunity is something that we don’t value until it is down. The successful functioning of our body requires that it is guarded by our immune system. However, sometimes our immune system also needs a helping hand to function perfectly. A regular cup of our immune-building Arogya blend is just the answer to what you’re looking for.
  • Health Benefits

  • 1. Boosts immune system

    2. Helps fight infections and diseases

    3. Improves hair and skin health

  • dry leaf

  • Carefully mixed with the base of Green Tea is an impacable blend of herbs, flowers and fruits, imparting and invigorating appeal to the dry leaf.
  • infusion

  • Bright goldenish liquor with pinkish hues, courtesy the rose petals, the taste is a unique blend of licorice topped by rose petals and followed by cranberry.
  • liquor

  • vibrant and colorful mix of tea leaves along with the flowers and herbs
  • steeping Notes

  • Water- 180ml, Temp- 80-85C, Quantity- 3 grm, Brewing Time- 1 min
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