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We have passionately crafted a tea selection that allows you to choose from a range of premium tea variants. However, some tea blends outshine the others. Check out our best-selling tea to enjoy what everyone else is sipping these days, for the best experience ever.

Exotic Bombay Cutting Chai

10G ₹ 13.70

Mulethi Green Tea

10G ₹ 18.20

Chamomile Green Tea

10G ₹ 23.09

Kadak Masala Mantra Chai

10G ₹ 15.90

Cinnamon Tea

10G ₹ 11.00

Kadak Ginger Chai

10G ₹ 11.00

Mint Green Tea

10G ₹ 20.00

Jasmine Green Tea

10G ₹ 31.80


Buy Best Selling Tea Online

Everyone is always searching for tea blends that are the most hip and in trend. Everybody wants to buy only the best variety of tea. So, Teafloor has handpicked a range of tea blends that are the hottest selling in the market. It is a list devised through proper research, which indicates the brews that everyone is loving today. We update our list every month, to make sure that our customers get only the best selling teas in the market. Whether it's green tea, black tea or herbal tea, you name it, we got it.

What are the Best Selling Teas of the Industry

With careful research and surveys, Teafloor, one of India’s best online tea store, has come up with a list of tea flavours that everyone’s loving. These teas are a detailed list of various types of teas like green tea, black tea, herbal tea, oolong tea, white tea, CTC tea etc. Our range of best-selling tea is crafted with the finest tea leaves and ingredients. Their flavours are naturally well defined and deliver a full-bodied brew.

We promise to offer to our customers whatever is in vogue in the tea market, always. Therefore, our master blenders and researchers continuously research and survey the market and match it with our tea list to make sure that these tea are the ones that the general populous is loving. Our best-selling tea list is updated every month to deliver the finest quality tea blends only.

When you choose from the best selling tea list, we guarantee you that your preference will deliver the best taste that tea blends have to offer.

Buy Best Selling Tea Online from Teafloor

We are at a wonderful age where the community of tea lovers is diverse and keeps growing every day. Whether you like your tea hot, cold, loaded with caffeine or caffeine free, we have it all. At Teafloor, it is our mission to deliver authentic tea blends straight from the best tea estates to your doorstep. Every time you go to buy tea online, we hope you think of Teafloor, one of the best online tea store in India. Our best-selling tea list offers you eight unique and in fashion tea blends that are crafted by our tea blenders and tested by our nutritionists so that we deliver to you the perfectly flavoured and healthful cup of tea.

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