10 Myths Uncovered About Tea


It is a well known fact that Tea is the second most consumed drink in the world, above beer but below water. While, this magic in a cup has gained a lot of popularity world-wide, there are also a lot of speculations about the drink. Hence, here are some common myths and facts you should know about this drink.

1. Tea and Vitamins should not be taken together

This is true in some cases. This fact is even more important for pregnant women who take prenatal vitamins as tea, especially black tea hinders the process of iron and supplements absorption.


2. Tea is the most healthy when we do not add anything to it

This is false. When we add lemon juice or any form of citric acid to tea then it shows better results in better benefits as it helps to preserve the flavanoids in tea. These flavanoids are associated with the health benefits of tea. Studies show that when tea was taken in this form then it affect the part of the brain responsible for concentration and focus more.

3. Tea should be consumed carefully by pregnant women

Surprisingly this is true. It is always advised that pregnant women should consult their physicians about their tea drinking habits as black tea and green tea are said to contain caffeine which pregnant women should limit. Other types of tea also contain products that are not advise for pregnant women.


4. Herbal tea is true tea

This is surprisingly false. True tea is said to come from Camellia sinensis plant. Oolong, black, white and green tea come from this plant but herbal tea is usually made from barks and flowers of other plants.


5. Drinking tea can lead to allergic reactions

This is true. It is important to remember that many variants of tea come from flowers and parts of the flower. This is for those people who may be allergic to flowers.


6. Tea is good for cold and sore throats

Not so surprisingly, this is true. Green, oolong and black tea have antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory properties which helps in controlling the symptoms. Also drinking warm tea helps in calming the throat.


7. Tea does not have a shelf life

This is false. Tea has a shelf life of up to six months. After six months the catechins level turned out to be 32 percent lower in a study. The best way to store tea is in a cool, dark place.


8. The health benefits of tea are lowered if we add milk

This is not true. Even though some studies show that adding milk to tea will lower the health benefits, the most recent studies show that it does not lower the health benefits of tea and the levels of catechins and antioxidants were found to be the same.


9. Tea can interfere with blood thinners

This is true. Talk to your doctor if you are taking any form of blood thinners. As tea is said to contain Vitamin K which interferes with anticoagulants.


10. Hot tea is better than cold tea

This is not true. Studies show that home made iced tea has the same benefits as hot tea.

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  1. Prof PP Pathak says: Reply

    Most important, as I think, is what is tea & how to prepare it. Is it proper to boil tea leaves with sugar in water for a minute or two? I think this is not tea; rather it is an extract of tea leaves containing lot of nicotine, the most harmful part of tea superseding all the benefits of tea. Prepare tea in the same manner as coffee. Boil the water only, take it off the stove put some tea leaves and filter into a cup containing sugar. This is actually tea with all the health benefits intact. If you want avoid filtering, as in coffee, you may have tea bag and dip it in the cup containing boiled water & sugar.

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