5 Impressive Health Benefits of Tulsi Ginger Green Tea

Tulsi Ginger Green Tea

Tulsi Ginger Green Tea is a remarkable combination of sacred Tulsi leaves and every Indian’s favourite spice – ginger. When it comes to a good cup of tea, these two herbs are like the first preference for every tea lover. Other than this, they have also been used as medicinal plants since decades, as both these herbs serve a number of benefits, individually. Now the best thing about this tea is that it will combine the benefits of both and make a perfectly healthy drink for you filled with flavours and balmy aroma.

Let’s have a quick look at some of the health benefits of Tulsi Ginger Green Tea

Keeps Stress Level in Check:

In today’s era, 8 out of 10 people go through stress problems. Thus, it is very important to find a solution to this. However, using medicinal treatment for the same might not be a wise thing to do. The good news is, just a simple cup of tulsi ginger green tea can solve your problem to a great extent. It helps to maintain the normal levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. It makes sure that the secretion of cortisol does not exceed after a certain level, which automatically keeps your stress levels in check.

Helps to Cure Kidney Stone:

It’s unarguably true that with changing times, people’s eating habits have greatly changed. This certainly has not shown much of positive effects on their health as people usually prefer junk food over home cooked meals. Keeping this factor in mind, it is very important to detoxify the body, otherwise the body may surrender to a number of diseases, the most common being kidney stones. Tulsi Ginger Green Tea is also a good detoxifier, which is valuable for the kidneys. It keeps in control the production of Uric acid – a by-product of metabolism as it is the chief component of kidney stones. With the help of essential oils present in this tea, surplus uric acid is thrown out of body, enhancing the function of kidney cells. It also helps to break down the kidney stones and relieves its pain.

Tulsi Ginger Green Tea

Improves Hair and Skin:

When it comes to skin problems or hair fall, what we usually do is try to change the cosmetics that we have been using or jump to something that might contain more chemicals. However, that is not something that our body needs. It is very important to understand that purifying our body from the inside is the best solution to any such problem. The detoxifying and purifying properties of holy basil tea cleanses the body and provides nourishment to your skin and hair. Regular consumption of this drink has been found effective in treating skin problems like itching and drying.

Cures Respiratory Problems:

Tulsi and ginger have always been known to cure several respiratory problems like mild cold and cough. However, combining it with green tea can do wonders in curing respiratory illnesses like bronchitis and asthma. It can help the patient to expel out the phlegm that will automatically bring a relief to cold and cough. Its essential oils such as camphene, eugenol and cineole help to relieve congestion. It does not end here, this herbal tea is loaded with anti-bacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties that can help in fighting infections and allergies of respiratory tract. A daily consumption of this tea can keep you away from these diseases forever.

A Cure to Arthritis:

Arthritis is a degenerative chronic disorder caused by wear and tear of the joints. This is something that might affect your daily activities a great deal. For those who have a very hectic schedule and need to go to different places for work, it is a serious problem. Studies have found that both tulsi and ginger can be effective in treating joint related disorders. It helps fight free radicals, which are responsible for degeneration of the joint and the surrounding tissues.

Keeping it simple, a mix of tulsi and ginger green tea can provide you with potential health benefits that promote physical as well as mental well-being. It helps the mind and body to effectively cope with infectious diseases, stress and other mental problems.


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    I had brought tulsi ginger green tea bit I was lit bit confused to take it or not because of its warm nature So I have mixed fennel seeds in it ..But as a stress reliever I am going to use it.

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