5 Positive Thoughts to Improve Your Social Life this New Year

5 Positive Thoughts to Improve Your Social Life this New Year

Happiest New Year to Everyone!

As we enter 2019, it’s time for a social life hike, isn’t it?

So what is it going to be this New Year- a new haircut or colour or a trip you’ve been saving to go to or maybe laying low-key reading and cooking is your plan, etc. Plan or no plan we all have this innate desire of being socially cherished, loved and respected. We all want to up our game in social life, have more followers, feel good about ourselves and radiate positivity. This is a two-way street. You are what you think and you attract accordingly. Like attracts like, the secret is out! A Positive thought is like a seed you plant for the mind to grow and dwell from. These positive thoughts are your convictions that will keep you happy, will influence your health, self-esteem and relationships. Allow your positive thoughts to open new doors of opportunities for you and pave your way.

Just like happiness is not a destination, it’s a choice, similarly, you have to rewire your brain to be positive. Try not to end your day on a negative note. Instead of dwelling on the negative thoughts, divert your mind towards something you like or makes you happy, positive thoughts will effortlessly find their way to you. Thinking positive will stimulate a sense of gratefulness and abundance within you. This will not create a colossal difference immediately but it will help you understand that life is mostly how you react to smaller, even insignificant situations. Let this New Year be a chance for you to accept things and be an influencer in your social life. This will not take time, so do not hesitate. It is only a matter of a few minutes, slurping your chai, with a wide range of premium teas, a variety of flavours by Teafloor, enjoy your solitude, at any time of the day.

Positive Thoughts to Improve Your Social Life this New Year

Read, repeat and revise the following positive thoughts to calm your mind every time you find yourself disoriented:

  1. You Cannot Control Everything Around You.

    You are not in control of how others treat you or behave with you. It is your responsibility to treat them with kindness and gratitude but the way they react is not under your control. Let go feelings of hate and despair. Forgiveness is never out of fashion. Give yourself time. No matter how bad or hurt you feel, every person has at least one good virtue. Be empathetic and courteous. Good behavior may not always be rewarded but will always be remembered. Click a picture with them anyway! It’s New Years!

  2. Anger is Temporary.

    Anger is a humanely emotion, embrace it but do not let it destroy your interpersonal relationships. Avoid making decisions in anger, they will never turn out to be the good ones. When in anger, give yourself time. Take space, sip tea! Express yourself but not in a way that you harm others. If done impulsively, apologise immediately and gracefully. Anger is momentary, do not dwell on it, it will lead to loss of appetite, peace and sleep. Control your anger, not the vice versa. Deactivating your social media accounts in anger is just futile! “I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become.” – Carl Jung

  3. Join a Club or a Sport.

    Are you an avid reader or a sportsperson? Or you’re just lazy to do anything? Either ways, if you want to be noticed in your social life, you got to get out this year! Not just clubbing or hitting the gym but something more healthy and impactful. It is always a great experience to be a part of a sports club or a reading club. Meeting new people will always help you boost your confidence, have a better command over language and rediscover life with new perspectives. Maybe, being a part of a new religious group will restore and strengthen your faith in goodness and positivity. This will also keep you active and arid of any negative thoughts.

  4. Prioritize your work.

    All of us have big dreams and it’s a long way but taking baby steps will help you get closer and have a clearer visual of where are we heading. You need to prioritize your things the right way. Maybe, it’s avoiding junk food this New Year but saying that you will not eat junk for an entire month or so is just not possible! So start with avoiding it on working days, first, then on weekends and so on. This will help your body and mind prepare. Priorities on the basis of things you value the most and do not allow yourself to be sidetracked. Baby steps to your big dreams, always remember! Mark your monthly goals separately and treat yourself by the end of the year.

  5. Take a Minute to Appreciate.

    Ever travelled in the metro wondering how beautiful the sun was looking? Standing at the terrace or in your balcony seeing the birds fly gives immense satisfaction. This is your moment to appreciate your surroundings. Express your gratitude more often. Take such moments to introspect. This will improve your mental health, balance your life and lead to better relationships. It’s like slowing down for a few minutes to reconnect and tune into positive thoughts. Who knows you may explore your creative side too!/

Channelize your energy this new year, attracting positive thoughts and ultimately making a difference in your social life with an all new range of our wellness teas, ChaiSpa- A wonderful drink, the more you drink, the better you will think!



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