Does Green Tea Really Help Reduce Belly Fat?


Short answer – yes! Green tea does help reduce belly fat. You see, green tea is one of the least processed teas because it comes from unoxidized leaves. As a result, it has the highest concentration of antioxidants and polyphenols beneficial to health. These compounds may have a good effect on skin health, immunity, and […]

5 of the Most Charming Darjeeling Tea Gardens in the World

Darjeeling Tea Gardens

Out of all the heavenly abodes in India, Darjeeling is one of the most exquisite places this nation has to offer. A UNESCO World Heritage site, Darjeeling is the Mecca of tea producing regions. With its tantalising aroma and captivating flavour, a cup of Darjeeling tea is just irresistible. Furthermore, dotted with colonial bungalows and […]

Teafloor’s Tea Events: Uniting Tea Lovers with the Right Flavours

Tea Events

It is a serendipitous moment when unplanned tea events result in a beneficial aftereffect. When Teafloor was established, it wasn’t just to sell tea leaves acquired from the most authentic gardens. The true purpose behind Teafloor was to create a platform where people could share their love for tea with each other. We aimed to […]