The Most Fascinating Benefits of Tulsi Mulethi Green Tea

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Tulsi Mulethi Green Tea : Some spices and herbs from our grandmothers’ stockpile are so precious that till date they continue to be used in everyday home remedies. Two such age-old herbs are Mulethi (liquorice) and Tulsi (Holy basil). Both have been known for their exceptional health promoting properties for centuries. A naturally sweet herb, Mulethi is used as a medicine and flavoring agent. It is an essential herbal medicine used in Ayurvedic practices. Tulsi, on the other hand, is worshipped as the ‘Queen of Herbs’ for its stress relieving and life prolonging properties.

Combining these two with the added benefits of Green tea leaves, gives us the astounding Tulsi Mulethi Green Tea. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits that this tea has in store for us.

Benefits of the aromatic Tulsi Mulethi Green Tea:-

  1. Encourages Weight Loss : 

    The Tulsi Mulethi Green Tea improves metabolism and helps in weight loss.  Tulsi contains special anti-oxidants called catechins, which are responsible for the breakdown of lipids in the body. Mulethi, on the other hand, is rich in flavonoids. Flavonoids exert anti-obesity action by regulating enzymes in the body which promotes fat breakdown. It decreases the level of fat producing proteins. A clinical trial conducted by the Asian Oceanian Association revealed that Mulethi and Tulsi are essential in reducing weight, visceral fat and controlling cholesterol.

  2. Helps With Stress and Depression : 

    Tulsi Mulethi Green Tea has active ingredients that increases resistance to stress and depression. It soothes nerves and regulates blood flow which relaxes the body. Including this tea in your daily diet will help control stress releasing hormones, reduce depression and anxiety. It will motivate you to face your days and challenges with a composed mind.

  3. Helps Treat Respiratory Problems : 

    Both Tulsi and Mulethi are very essential Ayurvedic medicines used to relieve chest congestion and sore throat. Tulsi Mulethi Green Tea performs wonders in relieving a person from severe respiratory problems like common cough and cold. Tulsi contains eugenol which aids in overcoming congestion in the chest cavity. 1-2 cups of this tea in a day can be beneficial for patients of asthma and bronchial irritation.  It also aids in treatments of whooping cough, cold, sore throat, mouth ulcers, etc. This tea can support to suppress the creation of cough and assist in the expulsion of phlegm.

  4. Improves Skin & Hair Health : 

    As we age, the body loses its capacity to fight against the formation of free radicals responsible for aging and decay of cells and tissues. The blend of Tulsi Mulethi Green Tea helps maintain healthy and beautiful body and skin. It is rich in anti-oxidants, which make the skin supple and hair shinier. The polyphenols delay the onset of ageing, keeping wrinkles at bay while reducing itchiness of scalp and hair fall. It can be very helpful for people suffering from eczema, as it aids in reduction of swelling and redness.

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  5. Enhances Cardiovascular Health : 

    The flavonoids present in the tea are helpful in reducing the risk of blood clots in the arteries, thus reducing the risk of heart attacks. It encourages a healthy heart by decreasing triglycerides and the levels of fibrinogen, the proteins responsible for the formation of blood clots. It reduces the accumulation of cholesterol and regulates healthy blood flow, thus reducing the risk of atherosclerosis. The ingredients of this tea stimulate the liver to utilize the fatty acids present in the body and convert it into energy, this in turn, energizes the body.

  6. Reduces the Risk of Bone Disorders : 

    Tusli and Mulethi soothe ailments like joint pains and bone disorders. It can pacify the inflammation caused by arthritis. The catechins present in the tea helps protect bone building cells and prevent the creation of cells that cause degradation of bones. The anti-oxidants present in the tea help combat free radicals, responsible for the degeneration of joints and tissues.

  7. Provides Anti-Oxidant Nutrients to the Body : 

    One of the major Tulsi Mulethi Green Tea benefits is that it provides the drinker with abundant anti-oxidants. These slow the oxidation process and safeguard the body from free radicals. Free radicals are responsible for the early aging of the body. Anti-oxidants reduce the production of free radicals, thus delaying premature aging of the body.The benefits of drinking the Tulsi Mulethi Green Tea are surplus. That’s not it, this unique blend can also be really good companion for you in this chilly weather along with your favourite book. This tea is just one of the many must haves on your shelf this season.


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