Tea and Water- Your Best Friends for a Healthy Lifestyle

Despite having the best healthy diet plans and nutrition, we often forget the basics. Look at your diet plans again. Are you missing something? Well that better not be water! Water is the most essential mineral our body needs. No one needs to be educated about the importance of water. For a truly healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle, intake of water is a must.

Needless to say, our body doesn’t store water inside, thus, it needs fresh supplies of water every day. Dehydration isn’t good at all! Inadequate intake of fluids can result in a number of problems like liver kidney stones and urinary tract infections. It can also lower your physical and mental performance, salivary gland functions and digestion. Sounds scary? All this could be avoided with just 4 litres of water every day and at least two cups of ChaiSpa.

Ways in which water and tea together can help you lead a healthy lifestyle:-

1. Drinking warm water immediately after you wake up, cleans the colon in the large intestine so that it absorbs the nutrients efficiently. Evidently, this flushes out the toxins from the body and gives it a kick start. Another substitute for it, if you want something more refreshing and flavoured, is tea – Trupti, Arogya, Shuddhi – wellness teas that will boost your mood and maintain your health. Have water, go out to fetch your newspaper and sip your favourite tea. A healthy tip: Do not have water after tea, the temperature difference is harmful to teeth. It’s advisable to maintain a gap of 15 minutes.

2. Water keeps your gut healthy, correcting the bowel movement, preventing constipation and easing digestion. Water and tea before or after food instantly are not advisable, hence, one must give a gap of 15 to 45 minutes between food, water and tea. Water and tea both have similar effects on digestion, that is, the improvisation of metabolism. Chamomile and Trupti tea are best prescribed to boost digestion. Remember the cycle, water – tea – food, healthy me!

3. Have you heard of calisthenics? So, calisthenics are the exercises with a variety of motor movements like running, squats, chin ups, push-ups, dips etc. These exercises need a lot of focus and core strength but can be performed at home also. After such rigorous exercises, when you’re exhausted, you can practice deep breathing with Green Tea or Rose. This will soften your stretched muscles and keep your internal organs hydrated. So, be comfy, live healthy.

4. When you read tea and water above, did detox cross your mind? Of course, water and tea are the two best elements to detox. You must plan on detoxing and cleansing your body once in a month for a week. Both water and tea will fuel the liver to drive the toxins away naturally. This will also help in blood circulation and keep your skin clear. Also, fasting once in two months can be beneficial as it will pacify your internal organs and help the body to absorb nutrients properly. Shuddhi- another wellness tea that accelerates the detoxification process.

Tea and Water- Your Best Friends for a Healthy Lifestyle

5. A healthy lifestyle is incomplete without a healthy heart. A study states nearly 20 per cent reduction in the risk of heart attack and over 35 per cent reduction of a stroke among those who drank two to three cups of Green tea every day. Heart problems are the most perilous and nowadays, the youth has started to face such problems from an early age

6. To have a healthy lifestyle, you must practice yoga once a week at your home or outside, specifically, in the morning or evening time. Have a bottle of water 15 to 20 minutes prior and then start with stretching. Additionally, Kadak Masala tea will alleviate your senses and help you concentrate better. If you’re sipping your tea after yoga, then Rose or Ananda tea will be your best companions. They have more energised, breezy and pleasant after effects.

7. A glass of water and a cup of tea will not only help you sleep better, but also help your body repair better while you are asleep. Oolong tea will help you simmer down and Nidra tea helps to treat insomnia. Take any of them 30 minutes to an hour before you sleep or else, you will have to get up to urinate. A bottle of water followed by a cup of tea will help you burn fat faster.

Hopefully, you are correcting your healthy diet plans and doing it the right away now. Don’t underestimate the importance of water. A healthy lifestyle is only possible when you treat your body well. Find your favourite tea flavour with a wide range of wellness teas.

Healthy diet, healthy life!

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  1. We know the importance of water and thanks for providing the detailed information but I am pretty sure that “water is not a mineral” although it’s a mineral carrier. I just want to correct you here on your statement which says, WATER IS THE MOST ESSENTIAL MINERAL IN OUR BODY NEEDS”. What do you say?

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