The Best Oolong Tea For Weight Loss In India


The oolong or Wulong tea is a very popular beverage in China and Taiwan. Made from the same Camellia sinesis plant as the black, green and white tea, this brew is loved among women, primarily because of its weight loss properties. While the green tea is mostly advertised as the ultimate weight loss cuppa, scientists believe that good quality oolong brew can prove to be more potent when it comes to weight loss benefits. Oolong in Chinese means black dragon, and the name comes from the black color of the brew, which appears to be curly. It is oxidized anywhere between 7% to 75% and has a decent amount of caffeine. So it is best to consume this tea in the morning and noon. Having it at night can interrupt your sleeping pattern.

Oolong Tea Weight Loss

Talking about the oolong tea weight loss, the fact of the matter is that this brew is known to improve metabolism within the body. It also helps in accelerating the natural fat burning process of the body, which leads to weight loss over time. It is a natural way of losing weight, and when coupled with exercise as well as a balanced diet, you will be able to notice a huge difference in a few months. You need to keep in mind that oolong tea weight loss is no overnight miracle, so being consistent with it for a few months is key. Have at least two and at most four cups of oolong tea every day, preferably after each meal to see your waistline reduce. In fact, the women of China and Taiwan have embraced this brew, because it helps them to maintain a slender waistline.

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Now Buy Best Quality Oolong Tea In India

It is very important that you lay your hands over the best quality oolong tea. It is not very accessible and buying the adulterated brew will not get the job done. So it is imperative that you find a reputed and well-known source from where you can buy authentic oolong tea. Teafloor is home to some of the most exotic, yet good quality leaves and you can easily buy oolong tea online from Teafloor. The pricing of the leaves is just right and you will be able to tell that the quality is impeccable. Buying oolong tea in India can be a tough task, but Teafloor has your back.

Other Oolong Tea Benefits

Apart from the weight loss, there are many oolong tea benefits. The brew not only helps you shed those extra kilos, but is excellent for diabetics and heart patients as well.

  • It has the properties to wipe off the plaque from the arteries of the heart, which helps in lowering cholesterol levels.
  • In fact, come to think of it, it also normalizes blood pressure levels and makes sure that the heart rate is steady.
  • Apart from that, it is also known to reduce the body’s insensitivity towards the naturally occurring insulin formed within the body. This means that those suffering from blood sugar will be able to normalize their sugar levels all thanks to this particular brew.
  • Oolong tea is also excellent for maintaining dental health. As it has plaque removing tendencies, so it also wipes the teeth clean thereby eliminating most chances of cavity formation. It also reduces bad breath by a great deal.

If you are a big fan of healthy teas and are looking forward to shedding some kilos before an event or the festivities, then be sure to choose oolong tea, which is now easily available on Teafloor. You can pick and choose across varieties and grades. The brews are available in different price brackets so there is something for everyone.


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