Which is the Best Tea to Drink in Terms of Health Benefits?

benefits of green tea

Tea is known to be a magical drink in South East Asia. The beverage originated from China and is derived from the Camellia sinesis plant. One of the best brews to have in the morning, tea can be primarily divided into four major categories and that is black, green, oolong and white. Having said that there are hundreds of tea varieties and blends currently available across the world. This makes it really overwhelming when it comes to choosing a particular kind of brew for your daily consumption. There are some major health teas available in the market. One can make the most of the benefits of green tea or stick to black, tea, it all depends on your palate and your preference. Some of the best health teas mentioned as follows:

Benefits of Green Tea

There are many benefits of green tea, the beverage is known for its weight loss properties and happens to be extremely healthy. In order to make the most of its properties, be sure to buy the best green tea from the market. This will make sure that you imbibe all its properties and lead a healthy lifestyle. The brew has slowly become a global sensation all thanks to its antioxidant properties. The benefits of green tea have been studied within the past two years and the brew has become a favorite of health enthusiasts and doctors. It helps in lowering high blood pressure as well as high blood sugar, apart from that it helps in tackling obesity and more than anything else, it aids in fighting cancer by preventing oxidative stress. The best green tea will also help ins strengthening the immune system.

Black Tea benefits

Did you know that more than 80% of the tea grown in the world is black tea. While the green tea benefits may be doing the rounds in the past few years, black tea happens to be the original health beverage replete with caffeine, anti-oxidants and trace minerals. Try to consume the black brew without additives like milk and sugar as they cut down on the antioxidant properties of the brew and add to the calories. Be sure to buy good quality loose leaf black tea produced using the orthodox method to make the most of its properties.

Oolong Tea Benefits

Oolong tea is a very popular beverage in oriental countries like China and Taiwan. Its weight loss properties are famous across the globe. The Taiwanese women have embraced the oolong brew in their everyday diet as it helps in slendering their waistline. Over the years, oolong tea was not talked about all that much, but thankfully it is now receiving the spotlight as it deserves. Same as the best green tea, oolong tea also helps in losing weight. Apart from that, it improves metabolism and aids in digestion as well. It can be a tough task to fetch oolong tea, but Teafloor stocks up on authentic, good quality ones.

benefits of green tea

Health Benefits of White Tea

The leaves are plucked when they are in the budding stages and then they are withered in the sun. White tea happens to be the least processed tea on this whole list. It is able to preserve the sanctity of all the antioxidants within it. It has very little caffeine and can be consumed even at night. The brew has cancer-fighting benefits and strengthens the heart at the same time. Many studies have proved that white tea is excellent for diabetics as well. Plus, it aids in lowering LDL cholesterol.

Tea is a very important part of our daily diet. So now that you know which one to include and which one to let go, then take your pick and start your journey towards a healthy life right away.

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