How do you compare coffee with tea as far as its benefits are concerned 

compare coffee with tea as far as its benefits

Tea over coffee We all know that how important a role does beverages plays in keeping our body healthy and in shape. The drinks that we consume on a daily basis make our routine and keeps the body perform the daily chores.

But do we know which is the perfect drink to consume? Or what beverages should we avoid including in our daily routine? If you don’t, read the below mentioned and make your decision wisely!

The better drinks we include in our diet, the healthier will be the body. Experts suggest that intaking healthy liquids in comparison to healthy solid food items are healthier and energy-rich for the body.

The two most important beverages- Tea & coffee

Coffee and tea are two of the most common drinks in the world with tea (all variants like black, green, oolong, etc) accounting for 78% of total consumption as per the study of NBCI, USA.

Some people choose tea over coffee and some vice versa depending on the taste and routine. There are different ways in which both beverages can be consumed.

Drawing the comparisons between coffee and tea is a really difficult task as both are the world’s most popular liquid drinks. In other words, people consume tea or coffee primarily for taste and a habit and rarely look for the benefits in general.

compare coffee with tea

Comparison of benefits of tea over coffee

One of the significant battles for a healthier beverage is between the intake of healthy teas like green tea, oolong, or black tea and coffee. Do you wish to know why Green tea over coffee or black tea or oolong?

Let us know how do you compare coffee with tea as far as its benefits are concerned:

Coffee is a brewed drink, strong in taste, flavored and aromatic prepared from roasted coffee beans into a fine powder which has a stimulating effect in humans. On the other hand, tea is a hot beverage prepared from dried leaves of the plant Camellia Sinensis and can vary as per the different blends.

  • The Caffeine content: Both Coffee and Tea contain Caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant that gives instant energy to the body. As per the ingredients, the Amount of Caffeine in Coffee is more than double that of the same amount of Tea. However, more caffeine content might not be great for the body.

Replacing your coffee intake with teas like green tea is a great option. Green teas have less caffeine but have a number of energy boosters to make you feel active. Green tea over coffee is totally a choice you can make.

  • The strong taste: Coffee has a strong taste and taking it without sugar can be a real pain in the morning. If you are considering health and taste at the same time, green tea seems to be a better option. Green tea benefits don’t just stick to taste but is a great beverage for good skin, weight management, an active body, and a healthy stomach.

Green tea over coffee totally depends on the person and their preferences.

Sleeping Pattern

At one of the researches at the University of Surrey in the UK, it was confirmed that although both tea and coffee lend similar benefits during the day, coffee drinkers tend to find it harder to sleep at night. Coffee has a higher caffeine content and it acts as a sleep inhibitor. Tea drinkers, on the other hand, had longer and more restful sleeping nights.

Chamomile tea is a great tea for people suffering from insomnia. It can be used as a treatment and consumed at bedtime. The tea has pretty calming effects on the body. Oolong tea also is a good tea to prefer over bedtime.

Tea makes the body more relaxed than coffee

We all know how to relax and better we feel after consuming a cup of hot tea. Herbal teas like black or oolong are stress busters. If you want to enjoy a calm and relaxed time, a cup of black tea is all you want.

Tea soothes our nerves: regular tea drinkers do tend to show a calmer physiological response to unsettling situations (such as public speaking). On the other hand, coffee makes you more alert than relaxed due to the higher caffeine content in it.

As per research, people who drink three cups of tea a day appear to have a 37% lower risk of depression than those who do not drink it or takes any other drink.

  • Above all, tea reduces the health risks, going by many studies conducted to which establishes the relationship between healthy or herbal tea and good health. In addition to that, healthy teas like green tea or black tea help to reduces the risk of brain stroke and heart attack. Herbal teas are great for the bone loss too.

herbal teas

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