The Different Types Of Tea Drinkers

Different type of tea

Tea is an aromatic beverage consumed by millions around the world. It is prepared by brewing the cured leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant in some hot or boiling water. The camellia sinensis is a tea plant. It is an evergreen shrub or bush which is native to Asia. There are four different varieties of tea, namely white tea, black tea, green tea and oolong tea. Various levels of oxidation and fermentation produce all these teas. These result in each variety having a different flavor profile, taste, and aroma. Some types of tea have a cooling, bitter, as well as an astringent flavor while others may have sweet, nutty, floral or grassy notes.

Southwest China is the place where tea originated. At the time, tea was used as a medicinal drink. It was during the Chinese Tang Dynasty that it was popularized as a recreational drink and later on tea drinking spread to other East Asian countries.

So anyway, do you drink tea? Then you are one amongst millions of people all over the world who also prefer drinking tea on a regular basis. In fact, do you know that after water, tea is the second most popular beverage around the world? Then we can safely assume that just like there are so many different types of people with different habits, tastes, preferences, likings, etc., then surely everyone must like their tea according to their preferences, tastes, like as well as habit. These different types of tea drinkers can be therefore summed up into a few different categories. If you are a tea drinker, then this article is definitely for you. Read till the end to find out which type of tea drinker category you fall under. Also, if many members of your household prefer consuming tea on a regular basis, then it will be quiet interesting to find out how many different types of tea drinkers are within your family itself.

The Different Types of Tea Drinkers

1. Tea Drinkers Who Like Their Tea To Be Weak- Weak tea is a tea where more milk is used and less the leaves. So the flavor of the tea leaves is not strong or very prominent. This type of tea is also known as boiled milk due to the color of the beverage being ashen and also due to the lack of tea leaves.
2. Tea Drinkers Who Like Their Tea To Be Strong- These type of tea drinkers like their teas to be strongly brewed. Strong tea drinkers prefer their tea to be brewed for ten minutes with only the slightest dash of milk. If you fall into this category, then it is safe to assume that you prefer your tea to have the following characteristics: a deep brown color and a rusty taste.
3. Tea Drinkers Who Prefer Black Tea- Black tea is a tea where there is no milk or any other additional creamer added to the tea. If you are low on your grocery budget, try switching to black tea instead!
4. Tea Drinkers Who Prefer Their Tea To Be Quite Sweet- These are the people who would ask for a third and a fourth, perhaps even a few more helpings of sugar to go with their tea! If you happen to be serving people who fall into this category, remember to keep extra servings of loose sugar and hide those pricy sugar cubes!
5.Tea Drinkers Who Prefer To Add Milk In First These are the people who prefer to add milk to the cup first and then top it up with some black tea. Although this is not the most conventional or traditional way of preparing tea, we can say that it is just another way of making a cup of tea.

6.Tea Drinkers Who Have No Preference- These are people who are awesome and annoying at the same time! They are fantastic since they have no choice and are a delight to serve. They are annoying since they have no preference and thus this leaves you in a fix as to how to prepare tea. Either way, you guys are sure a delight to serve!
7. Tea Drinkers Who Always Require Some Little Treat With Their Cup Of Tea- Beware of serving just a cup of tea only to the people who fall into this category. It shall be frowned upon and not appreciated. Instead, try serving some biscuits or perhaps some roasted nuts and such to go along with their cuppa.
8. Tea Drinkers Who Are Quite Picky About Their Cup Of Tea- If you happen to be one of these, then you must always be annoying your servers everywhere! The people who fall into this category deliver their order somewhat like “brewed for exactly 2 minutes please, just a splash of milk and only one cube of sugar please, thank you!”
9. Tea Drinkers Who Are Always Forgetting About Their Tea- Yes, you guys still forget about your tea! Don’t let anyone see you heat it later on in the microwave secretly!
10. Tea Drinkers Who Are Always In For A Cup Of Tea- For the people who fall into this category, practically anytime can be tea time! These are also the ones who are always craving their cup or perhaps cups of tea. Even during the hot summer months, they are still looking for another hot cup of tea.
11. Tea Drinkers Who Are Quite Fancy- These are the ones who consider tea drinking an art. They also typically prefer premium as well as fine qualities and varieties of tea.
12. Tea Drinkers Who Are Pretty Easy Going- Whatever you are having yourself, just serve the same tea to them as well. The people who fall into this category are pretty easy going and will gulp down whatever you serve them!
13. Tea Drinkers Who Never Finish Their Cup- Now this one has to be a serious offense! People who fall into this category are always leaving a right amount of tea in the cup.
14. People Who Are Not Tea Drinkers- Well, you guys are missing on one of the world’s favorite beverages! Seriously guys, don’t be picky and just give it a go!


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