Does Chamomile Tea Help You Sleep?

Benefits of Chamomile Tea

There are so many health benefits of chamomile tea, who are struggling with sleep. Insomnia has become very common these days owing to the bad health and lifestyle practices which have become extremely commonplace. While there are tranquilizers and sedatives which can be of great help, they come with truckloads of side-effects. Therefore, taking a natural route will be the smart thing to do. While some teas are known for helping us wake up and be mentally alert there are others who help us in getting tucked in and go fast asleep. Now if you are wondering which brew are we talking about, then it is none other than the good old chamomile tea! Made from the petals of the chamomile flower, this brew is known for calming the mind and lend it with some tranquil peacefulness.

Why Do You Need Chamomile Tea?

Is your slumber has been marked by wakefulness, unpleasant dreams, or you simply cannot get sleep because your mind is going a million miles an hour. Try the chamomile tea available on Teafloor. The brew is sourced from organic farmers, who are experts in their field. The best part is that this tea will not burn a hole in your pocket because it is priced on the affordable front.

The chamomile brew is an excellent beverage, which helps us to relax and unwind. It has been used as a sleeping remedy since centuries and has been an aid to good quality slumber. This particular brew is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and decreases anxiety to let you sleep like a happy baby. This sleep inducer is natural without any side effects. The calming properties of it are attributed to apigenin which is a potent antioxidant found in abundance within this brew.

Many doctors prescribe this tea to their patients, especially if they are not too keen on taking chemically laden sleep inducers. Plus, many hospitals serve their patients the chamomile tea, to help them sleep soundly on their way to recovery. Postpartum women take this brew to cope with baby-blues or depression which hampers their sleep. A study revealed that chronic insomnia patients who took 270 grams of chamomile extract two times a day fell asleep around 15 minutes faster than those who didn’t consume it. Plus, they woke up fewer times in the middle of the night.

Benefits of Chamomile Tea

Coming from a daisy-like plant, this fragrant tea contains flavonoids, which are responsible to calm you down. It has a number of valuable therapeutic properties including 36 flavonoids and 28 terpenoids, plus bioactive components. No wonder, health enthusiasts rave so much about chamomile tea. This potent brew has a healing touch on your mind.

benefits of chamomile tea

If you are willing to make some positive changes towards your mental health, then you need to sleep at least 7 to 8 hours a day. Couple that with some meditation along with a few cups of chamomile tea and you will be surprised about how effective this remedy and small lifestyle changes can be. There are many benefits of chamomile tea and some of them are mentioned as follows:

  1. It helps in healing bad headaches, including migraines.
  2. It can bring relief in case of irritable bowel syndrome
  3. Thanks to the antioxidant content in chamomile tea, it really helps in boosting immunity.
  4. It is excellent for the skin and works to reduce acne, blemishes, and dark circles. It is also used as a treatment to lighten the skin, to reveal a fair and glowy countenance.
  5. One of the major benefits of chamomile tea is the fact that it reduces blood sugar levels and preserves the strength of the kidney.
  6. A cup of good quality chamomile tea after each meal will help in reducing nerve damage among diabetic patients.

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