Five Appetising Beverages That Add Life To Your Bland Whole 30 Diet

Whole 30 Diet

All set for another new diet? Or is it your first one? Whatever may be the case, “How to stay sane during the diet?” is a question that intrigues all of us. This question holds importance for the Whole 30 diet as well.

This article is here to help you answer that question. It will walk you through different kinds of beverages that you can enjoy even while doing the Whole 30 diet and keep yourself sane.

For those of you who don’t know, here’s a brief explanation about what the Whole 30 diet really is.

The Whole 30 diet

The Whole 30 diet is one that asks you to stop consuming certain foods like grains, dairy, soy, legumes, alcohol, added sugar, and sulfites for 30 days. The nutritional program then asks you to reintroduce these in your diet slowly to let you know if your body is sensitive to a particular food or not.

In simple words, the Whole 30 diet asks you to consume real food for 30 days.

Mellisa Hartwig, the co-founder and CEO of Whole30, describes it as a way to reset your health, habits and relationship with food.

All this means that you cannot have those mouthwatering beverages like soda, milkshake or early morning coffee with cream, etc. for a whole month. Thus, making your life a little bland for 30 days.

In fact, even if you eat one tiny bite of chocolate, a sip of beer or a spoonful of your favourite pastry within the 30 day period, you will have to start the diet month all over again. This is because you would have then broken the “reset”, which is the very objective of this diet.

So, how can we enjoy the Whole 30 diet month and get through it relishingly, especially, when black tea, black coffee and water are the only beverages at your rescue?

Here are some delightful beverages to try during the Whole 30 diet month.

Teafloor Whole 30 Diet

1. Coconut water

While sugar is totally banned during the Whole 30 diet, the rule isn’t applicable to natural sugars that come from refreshing beverages like coconut water.

Although, if you drink packaged coconut water, it is necessary to read the labels. Your delectable coconut water might have been made so by using added sugars, which as said above, is not whole 30 compliant.

Thus, natural coconut water can become your favourite pick-me-up. While its subtly sweet flavour fulfils your sugar cravings, its health benefits will enhance the ones coming from the Whole 30 diet.

2. Teas

Did you know that Teafloor has over 70+ varieties of tea with enthralling flavours, nourishing benefits and aroma? Now that you know that, we would like to share that almost ANY kind of tea can be consumed while you are on the Whole 30 diet.

Be it your regular black tea, the healthful green tea, the omnipotent oolong tea, the wholesome white tea or just any kind of tea, unless it has added sweeteners and milk, it is whole 30 compliant.

Since, teas are highly invigorating and healthful, it will be hard to resist a cup that can help you feel the paradise and bring back your sanity during this difficult yet worthy Whole 30 diet month.

Bonus treat! You can enjoy tea both ways – hot and iced.

Here are some teas you can try:
● Pineapple Ginger Moringa Green Tea
● Assam Masala Chai
● Shuddhi – Wellness Tea
● Silver Buds Darjeeling White Tea
● Mint Green Tea

3. Tisanes

In case you are on a no-caffeine diet, teas might not be the apt option for you to cherish during your Whole 30 diet month. This is because all teas come from the plant Camellia sinensis which is known to contain the compound of caffeine.

So, is there a relishable caffeine-free tea?

Certainly, there is!

These are called tisanes or herbal teas. Tisanes are basically decoctions made of herbs, spices, flowers, fruits, leaves and other parts of plants.

Since, herbal teas do not contain leaves of the plant Camellia sinensis (the tea plant), they are caffeine-free in nature and highly nutritious.

It is the fruits, flowers, spices and herbs that are mainly credited for the delightful flavour and aroma of tisanes. As they do not contain any non-compliant ingredients according to the Whole 30 diet program, herbal teas are the go-to beverage for adding life to your bland diet.

Here are a few for you to treat yourself with:
● Turmeric Citrus Spice Herbal Tisane
● Strawberry Rush Tea Tisane
● Hibiscus Herbal Tea Tisane

4. Unsweetened Nut Milk

But what if you like your tea with milk? Well, homemade nut milks are your saviour.

Nut milks like that of almonds, coconuts and cashews can be great non-dairy alternatives. These are totally allowed to be consumed in your Whole 30 diet month. In fact, they have their own health benefits and deliciousness that you can take advantage of.

However, making nut milks at home is essential to ensure that they are unsweetened, because most packaged nut milks are bound to contain added sugars in them. As you might have got it fixed in your head by now, sweeteners of any sort are not Whole 30 diet compliant.

Also, it is important to note that not all non-dairy milks are recommended to be had when you are following the Whole 30 diet program. Milks made from soy, rice, oats, etc. are great for teas, but these ingredients are non-compliant according to the Whole 30 diet.

While being a delightful beverage on its own, unsweetened nut milk can help you enjoy your favourite milky teas as well as tea lattes.

5. Infused water

Infused water can be yet another delicious way to add essence to your Whole 30 diet month. You can use whichever fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices you like. These can be cucumbers, strawberries or basil leaves along with a tangy lemon for your infused water.

The best part of all this is the fact that you can change your infusion according to your mood and preferences every other day. Consuming a new appetising blend of infused water daily can make your Whole 30 diet experience even more pleasing.

In fact, if you have not been a fan of infused water, you might just become one after your Whole 30 diet experience.

With so many flavoursome beverages to choose from, your Whole 30 diet month can in no way go boring and bland. So, if you are still thinking about getting into the Whole 30 diet, I recommend you to jump right into it. If not for your health, at least, for the sake of trying out all these delectable brews and making their goodness a part of your life.

Tell us your favourite kind of beverage in the comments below!

All the best for a new healthy life!

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