Health Benefits of Nilgiri Winter Flush Tea

Benefits of Nilgiri Winter Flush Tea

Benefits of Nilgiri Winter Flush Tea

India is one of the most geographically diverse countries in the whole world. There is a region why it is described as a subcontinent! From different types of geographical bodies like plains, plateaus, mountains, etc, to different kinds of soils, different weather conditions, we have it all. Owing to this factor, Indians are able to grow different variations of the same species. So, various kinds of kinds of rice, different varieties of legumes and pulses, different types of teas, you name it. Tea has always been an integral part of the subcontinent region. It is embedded in the culture of the country and is enjoyed by people of all class and age group. Nilgiri tea is one of the more popular the varieties are grown in the country. It is really aromatic and unique. Now you can easily buy Nilgiri tea online from Teafloor. Over the years, this particular variety of tea has been able to garner international attention. The winter flush of this brew is particularly popular among tea enthusiasts. Plus, there are many Benefits of Nilgiri Winter Flush Tea, so you not only please your palate, but also  improve your overall health.

About Nilgiri Tea Growing Conditions

The Nilgiri brew derives its name from the mountain range it has originated from. The Nilgiri hills, also known as the blue mountains is home to this variety of tea. It is an intensely aromatic heavily fragrant tea grown in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

Around 30% of the tea production in this area is represented by the Nilgiri planters association, the remaining tea comes from small growers and farmers who own less than I hectare of land  (each). Not many people know this, but 50% of the Nilgiri brew is exported. Since this tea is not too expensive, companies use it in tea bags to create amazing smelling yet cost-effective tea.

Why Must You Buy Nilgiri Tea Online?

An expensive lot of the tea, or the orange pekoe, is highly sought after by tea aficionados and connoisseurs living abroad. However, the tea, which is sold in India is not of the best quality; as the superior quality pekoes are sold in international auctions. The broken pekoe or average quality is then sold to us Indians, who have to make do with what we have. However, to put an end to this unfairness, now you can buy Nilgiri tea online that too of the finest quality. You can check out the Teafloor website for the details on these brews.

Benefits of Nilgiri Winter Flush Tea

What Gives Nilgiri Tea its Aroma?

Most of the teas are processed using the crush, tear and curl or the CTC method. Since it happens to be a really aromatic brew, it is often used in tea bags to create a fine aroma. The dust and fanning produced during the processing are used in iced tea mixes. Since the Nilgiri tea does not cloud when served at room temperature or cold, it is used in iced tea concoctions. The tea is grown in very high elevations, around 8000ft above sea level; couple that with an ample amount of intense sunlight which makes this brew really intense and aromatic.

The Winter Frost Tea

When infused the Nilgiri brew produces a dirty golden yellow colored tea. It is really balanced with a slightly spicy aftertaste. The “frost tea” which is harvested in the winters is loved all over the world. It is planted around the month of October. The winter flush is sown and harvested between November and February. However, the weather conditions need to be absolutely ideal for it to grow. It is a very rare tea and is produced in small quantities. It is a must try tea, with many benefits, but hunting it down can be a tough task. This is why it will be ideal if you can buy Nilgiri tea online. Teafloor has had a reputation for selling high-quality teas at affordable rates. It is now very accessible and you can order it from home. So go ahead and place your order for this brew to enjoy the various Benefits of Nilgiri Winter Flush Tea.

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