Know All About Health Benefits of Tea With Milk

Benefits of Tea With Milk

In a country like India, tea is synonymous to chai. Now many do not realize that most people consume their everyday tea by itself in the majority of the countries. However, Indians are smitten by the idea of adding milk and sugar to malty black tea in order to convert it into chai. There are many variations of chai available in India, from Bombay cutting chai to masala chai to elaichi tea, we are experts at coming up with new recipes for our daily brew. Since the majority of the Indians, consume Assam tea, which is a high-caffeine malty, black brew, grown in abundance within the country, they love mixing it with other ingredients to form chai. One can imbibe all the benefits of tea, by having a hot cuppa early in the morning with breakfast.

The Chai Culture in India

Consuming tea with milk is common practice in the subcontinent region. It is easy to make and is extremely robust in terms of flavor and aroma. In actuality, the Assam tea is basically a very strong brew, and having it by itself is not very palatable. So in order to make this supremely powerful brew a little mellow, most tea lovers, add milk and sugar to it.

Many dietitians are of the opinion that having milk in your cuppa can reduce the benefits of tea, however, the reality is a little different. Today, we shall discover that tea with milk is actually beneficial to the body and mind.

3 Benefits of Consuming Tea With Milk:

Milk, as we all know, is a major source of calcium. It also contains vitamin D which fortifies the bones and teeth. Mixing milk with sugar will provide your body with the benefits of calcium along with the nutrients and antioxidants as well as caffeine which is present in tea. Calcium is a mineral crucial to the body, it maintains the bones and teeth, other than transmitting nerve impulses, whilst regulating the heart’s rhythm.

Health Benefits of Tea With Milk

Benefit of Tea

  1. It Strengthens the Bones: As mentioned above, milk contains absorbable calcium, which helps to strengthen the bones. It really aids in fortifying the skeletal system and is excellent for those who are prone to osteoporosis. The vitamin D present in milk helps in absorbing the calcium. If you are health conscious, then you can easily have low-fat milk, to be within the limits of your daily calorie intake.
  2. Great for the Skin: It is observed that people who have milk tea on the daily have great skin. Milk contains essential fats, which provides your skin with a glow. Another benefit of tea is the fact, that the polyphenolic compounds present in tea, help in preventing early signs of aging. It also helps in reducing the appearance of acne and blemishes on the surface of the skin.
  3. Reduces Stress: Milk tea is known to be an excellent mood booster which uplifts the spirit. People throng cafes and tea stores, after a workday craving for a cup of chai. Milk tea is also served to guests as refreshments, to help them recharge and uplift their mood. It is low on caffeine, so it helps in re-balancing your stress hormones and allows you remain stress-free.

Milk is an excellent health benefitting beverage and when combined with the power of tea, it becomes even more potent. If you are vegan, or don’t like the flavor of cow’s milk, then you can opt for almond milk or soy milk, which will add to the flavor of your cuppa. You can have this beverage in the evening because it is not as heavily caffeinated as a plain brew by itself. One more benefit of tea with milk is that it will not tamper with your sleeping patterns so you can easily have it on the daily. However, do not have milk tea on an empty stomach as it can cause acidity in a few people.

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