Jadoo Ka Dibba – Say Bye To Mithai Ka Dibba

Our country India is considered to be the land of festivals and with every season comes one festival which brings a reason to celebrate. This season brings us Diwali, which is considered as the festival of lights and delight. Diwali is considered as one of the biggest festivals in India which is being celebrated all across India irrespective of caste and community. The lights, celebrations, happiness, parties, sweets, food, meeting friends and family is something that everyone starts looking forward to almost a month in advance. Therefore, the celebrations on this festival should be limitless. Diwali calls for spreading joy and cheer to all and what better way to do so than a well thought out Diwali gift! When it comes to Diwali gift, society has become very choosy over the years. Whether it is family, friends, office colleagues, employees, vendors, dealers, customers or any other relationship you can think of, during diwali a nice gift is a symbol of joy and happiness. Give your loved ones something unique, and they will remember you for the rest of their lives. Infuse all your creativity skills while selecting gifts for your loved ones. Your gifts must be wrapped with your sentiments and emotions and should be a mirage of your warm feelings. By now all of you must have planned on what gifts to give or must be on a planning mode. As far as gifting ideas are concerned, people these days are looking for a bit ‘extra’ in the ‘ordinary’. If you are tired of the same old ideas of diwali gift, we are about to give you one of the best gifting idea of the century. Yes believe it or not, that true! Generally during Diwali everybody gives the traditional gifts in the form of sweets or in desi terms called as the “mithaikadabba.” Although, it is the best thing to give in Diwali according the customs but today the world is changing and people have become health conscious. Everybody counts calories since they are either on a weight loss program or probably have diabetes or any other health issues. What to do then? So, this Diwali give your loved ones a “gift of health” and “prosperity.” Give them some fresh aromatic flavors to lift and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. Yes, you are thinking absolutely right. We are talking about gifting them tea!!! Now you must be thinking. Seriously…tea? Who gifts tea at such occasions? The answer to this is that gifting tea is one of the most classy things to do and secondly instead of gifting them lots of calories (in form of mithai ka dabba), you are gifting them good health. Everybody on the planet wants to stay healthy due to our super unhealthy lifestyle, pollution and all the harmful toxins we intake in our daily life. Gifting tea would be highly sensible and attractive too. In fact, it would be off the table and anybody would get impressed by this idea. People think that only black tea is present in the market but they are wrong! If you want to gift tea, you will have a variety of options to do so. You can gift black tea, white tea, oolong tea and green tea. You can also go for herbal teas which are highly effective in treating various health conditions. We have many varieties of tea which comes in various colors and flavors. Recent trend of green tea and oolong tea gives you option to choose from and each of these offer a unique taste and benefits. Now, when it comes to gift tea, Teafloor is best in the market. We have a unique solution of “Tea Gift” this Diwali. Presenting you with one of the most innovative gifting ideas this Diwali! “JaddoKaDibba” Now you must again be thinking! What is this? “Jadoo Ka Dibba” is a unique concept brought about the Teafloor this Diwali. This is basically a tea gift box which offers a package of health. You can soothe your taste buds with the tasty chai and at the same time regain or maintain good health. Every tea box is unique itself and hence called as “Jadoo ka DIbba.” This tea package rightly justifies its name “Tea Gift Box” or “JadooKaDibba”, as it contains 4 tea bags of any 3 or any 6 of these wonder potions. The tea boxes have the following tea kept in it just for you! Tulsi Green Tea Pomegranate Medley Green Tea Lemon Ginger Green Tea Nilgiris Silver Leaf White Tea Chamomile Green Tea Chocolate Luxe Black Tea Jasmine Green Tea Lemon Mojito Green Tea Earl Grey Black Tea Mint Green Tea Exotic Rose Green Tea Kashmiri Kahwa Every tea box has a catalog which lists the benefits of each tea, its ideal time of consumption and other features. This package consists of 12 or 24 servings, and it is recommended to have 2 cups a day to complete the monthly health regime. The tea box gift is ideal for people who have a hectic schedule and are unable to follow a healthy normal routine. You can also gift this tea set to someone who is recently recovering from an illness or even you gift them as a general purpose also because there is absolutely nobody who doesn’t like tea. If we consume 2-3 cups of tea regardless of our routine, we surely get better health within a few days of consuming it. So, gifting a “Jadoo Ka Dabba” would be a perfect idea to gift this diwali to your loved ones. Let us find out what we at teafloor offer you this Diwali in our “Jadoo Ka dibba.” We have mainly 4 boxes of tea collection for this diwali. These fabulous tea boxes are uniquely designed depicting class and style for the occasion of Diwali. The gift box itself is so attractive that it adds charm to the festival of diwali. We guarantee you it would be better than the traditional “mithai ka dabba.” Another unique feature is that each of the tea bags is being wrapped in its own pack or envelope to preserve the freshness of each tea bag. You can enjoy the different exotic flavors of tea in just one box. You know this gift is ideal for the tea lovers and you can never go wrong with the same. Essence tea collection tea box This unique box is the basic one which consists of 3 essences of Teas, each of different flavors and aroma. Perfect to be taken at anytime of the day and by anybody, this tea box consists of Tulsi Green Tea, Pomegranate Medley Green Tea and Lemon Ginger Green Tea. This box is special as it offers amazing health benefits. The tulsi green tea is known as the “queen of herbs” and does wonders in several respiratory illnesses ranging from things as simple as mild colds and coughs to bronchitis and asthma. Overall the tea box provides cardiovascular benefits, beats stress, has antimicrobial property and is highly recommended for a good skin texture. Shine this diwali with our “Essence tea collection” and gift your loved ones the best health. Trinity tea collection tea box The world Trinity suits perfect for this tea box as it is one of a kind. It has 3 wonders of tea, each of different flavors and aroma. This is a perfect choice for parties at diwali or certainly any other occasion. It consists of Nilgiris Silver Leaf White Tea, Chamomile Green Tea and Chocolate Luxe Black Tea. The combination of the above teas is a superb combination and would be a perfect gift for the occasion. All the teas kept in the box are special, and the aroma of each of the tea is heavenly. If you really want to ring the bells, gift this perfect tea collection to your closed ones this diwali. Platinum tea collection tea box The name platinum itself means precious and this tea box is indeed precious. This consists of six different flavours and each of the flavor having 4 pieces of packets. This tea is perfect to relax your mind and soul simultaneously. The following varieties of tea are available in this collection. Chamomile Green Tea Jasmine Green Tea Lemon Mojito Green Tea Earl Grey Black Tea Tulsi Green Tea Mint Green Tea This tea box is really classy and is truly a winner when it comes to gifting this diwali gift! Go for it today only. Indulge Tea collection tea box This elegant tea box is made of perfectly crafted material with luxurious touch which gives you an out of box experience. It consists of six differently flavored ambrosial Teas, each having 4 pieces of packets. This tea box is special and provides benefits such as building immunity, aiding weight loss, energizing the body, relieves stress and lowers the risk of heart disease. The available teas are: Nilgiris Silver Leaf White Tea Exotic Rose Green Tea Pomegranate Medley Green Tea Kashmiri Kahwa Chamomile Green Tea Chocolate Luxe Black Tea So, these are some wonderful tea collections which you can gift to your family and friends. A unique thing about these gifts is that you don’t have to overstress yourself with the burden of buying a gift. It is classy and will definitely be liked by everyone receiving it. So, what are you waiting for? Make this Diwali special for yourself and loved one by gifting “Jadoo ka dibba” from teafloor. Don’t wait up! Limited collection only! Register & Get 10% off on your first Order….

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