New Year Resolution Ideas: How to Nurture your Creative Soul

New Year Resolution Ideas

It’s true that all humans have a creative side. It’s only a matter of how we open the doors to our own creativity in different ways. Nurturing our creative soul is as important as living a healthy lifestyle. All we need to do is give ourselves the consent to listen to our quiet intuition. Following this, we can smoothly find ourselves opening up to the possibility of living a plentiful and livelier lifestyle. Thus, as we take a step towards New Year and new beginnings, why not make it a New Year resolution to help our soul grow and move towards building a self-constructive version of ourselves.

As we talk of New Year resolution, let us admit that all of us have unfulfilled resolutions that we keep piling up for next year. However, we never try to comprehend the reason behind it. And we’re unwilling to accept that it has everything with our own actions and our style of living. Undoubtedly, we don’t give time to the things that we love and this is how we take ourselves away from self-care. We’re sure that many of you would have been able to relate to this situation.

Thus, to be able to achieve this New Year resolution we need to feed our soul with creativity by making self-care a priority, as a busy schedule might dry up our creative flow. Wait… the problem does not end here. We still have to decide how to make it happen. So quickly grab a cup of tea and read on to know more.

Come closer to your New Year Resolution just by doing these simple things:

Stay close to your beloved places

With the kind of time constraint most of us go through, it becomes difficult for us to visit places where we like spending time. Let’s say if you’re a lover of nature, going on trips outstation is not the only solution to attain peace of mind.  You can simply start spending time in a nearby park or garden, pen down your thoughts or read your favourite book. Now the question is… from where would you get time to do all this? To begin with, it’s undeniable that all of us have bad habits that we wish to change. So let’s welcome another New Year resolution idea of giving up on our bad habits and make room for good ones. After all, how wonderful it will be to spend time in your favourite place rather than carrying the burden of a bad habit and feeling remorseful about it.

Follow your heart

From time to time, all of us feel the desire to give up on our daily routine and explore new things. On that account, why not simply follow your heart? The definition of the phrase ‘follow your heart’ might differ from person to person. For many of us, it may be the need to cook colourful meals, paint beautiful sceneries, scribble our thoughts, go to unknown places, talk to new people or simply binge watch movies. We are delighted to break it out to you that listening to your inner voice is the best solution to fill the well of your creative soul. Doing this, you might also come up with new ideas that will help you figure out what you wish to do in life and have thrilling future plans. For instance, you are very fond of cooking and you do it to make yourself feel better. What if someday you’re hit with the realisation that you want to become a chef. Exciting, isn’t it?

Take time to be still

Not too many accept it, but staying still for some time is certainly one of the greatest things to nurture your soul. The reason why we are not too fond of bringing this practice to our daily routine is that we lack the ability to be alone and quiet, always engaging ourselves by sending another text or checking social media or changing channels. When our brain is always overloaded with numerous thoughts, how is possible to catch real feelings. However, staying still for some time can genuinely help us do it. The best time to do this can be when you wake up early in the morning and are ready to start a new day. Just a few minutes of self-talk and silence can do wonders for the entire day. Even if there’s a lot of work pressure that you have to go through, it becomes easy to stay connected to yourself. Additionally, you can handily relive these moments over a cup of ChaiSpa during your small day breaks and bring clarity to your thoughts. A perfect New Year resolution, isn’t it?

New Year Resolution Ideas

Unwind, Relax and Recharge

Once in a while, you must give yourselves a few breaks. This can do wonders for your mood, mental health, and self-esteem. You can just simply start from going to shop for fun, or eat at your favorite restaurant. And if you wish to wind down without reducing your bank balance, listen to some music, take a long walk, or just sleep in. It could be just an hour of the day or an entire weekend. This will also help you avoid negative thoughts and live a flourishing lifestyle.

If you truly add these things to your New Year resolutions, it will not only enhance your creative side but will also bring you closer to achieving your other New Year resolutions. However, don’t forget to combine it with a cup of tea because –

Tea … is a religion of the art of life. -Kakuzo Okakura

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