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Cough and Cold


I am from Delhi but I am working in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh. The temperature here is mostly low due to which I suffer from dry cough and cold constantly. Sometimes it is humid while sometimes it is dry here. Though I am not very fond of medicines, I have been eating them regularly for the past three months. However, my condition hasn’t improved much. Do you have any tea that can help? I want a tea that is a natural remedy.

Our suggestion:

Hi Praveen,
Thank you for talking with us. We hope you are feeling better now.
Kangra is most certainly humid at this time of the year. It is quite possible the weather is not suiting you there. Cough and cold affect the productivity and overall performance of a person, especially who is working. It may cause irritability too, if it prolongs over a period of time.

The reason for the cough and cold could be anything, from viral infection to allergy. Dry cough is caused by a number of reasons such as intake of dry cold air, air pollution, inhalation of dust and smoke, irregular temperature changes, etc.
You must drink sufficient fluids and keep yourself hydrated. Also, avoid alcohol and beverages with caffeine as it will only worsen your condition.

We have a range of ChaiSpa’s wellness teas which have various health benefits. We suggest you take ChaiSpa’s Tulsi Ginger tea to relieve your cough and cold. None of the teas of Teafloor have added artificial flavours in it. We would suggest you take at least three cups of Tulsi Ginger tea every day. The ingredients of the tea are good for cough, cold and congestion in the lungs. Tulsi has healing properties to cure fever and respiratory disorders. Ginger, on the other hand, has high levels of vitamin C. It helps to reduce respiratory problems, boosts immunity and relieves stress. The combination of both will definitely give you some relief and you may consume it while you are taking medications. Just keep in mind, not to mix them, give a gap of at least 30-40minutes.

Other than this, Teafloor also has other loose tea blends like Tulsi Green tea, Kadak masala and Kashmiri Kahwa that are helpful in curing cough and cold. You may also try these.

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