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Name: Kadambari Singh

Message/ Concern

I recently moved to Varanasi for my Masters in Psychology. The current move has left me feeling restless and sleepless, because neither the city feels familiar, nor the bed I sleep in. Sometimes, it takes me hours to fall asleep just because I begin scrutinizing every detail of my day. I have heard green tea helps with easing the mind and body. So, if you have any suggestion, please do help.

The Cure

Dear Kadambari,
Thank you for writing to us about your concern. Moving to a new city can give you the anxiety of being a stranger in a city full of people. A lot of times, you end up feeling alone even when you are constantly surrounded by people. Such anxiety and loneliness can leave you feeling restless and sleepless, like in your case. Though we cannot give you a straight answer on how to eliminate this feeling of alienation in a single day, because that solution doesn’t exist, we can give you a way to ease up and slowly blend this change of environment into your life.

It is true that green tea is a wonderful beverage to consume to calm the body, mind and soul. Therefore, we would like to suggest two of our signature blends of the ChaiSpa range- Ananda and Nidra. A cup of Ananda, that contains ashwagandha, rose and passion flower- either in the morning or in the afternoon- will help ease out the stress and anxiety you feel while going about your day. Similarly, a cup of Nidra, which comes with the power of chamomile, passion flower and lavender, will help you sleep better.

We hope that our tea can help you adjust to this new life. And always remember to be open to the mystery and magic that your new beginnings in Varanasi bring to you.

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