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How Tea is the Best Drink for Millenials

How Tea is the Best Drink for Millenials

Millennials- the word itself gives us some sort of excitement, doesn’t it?

Before we pour out our thoughts on the ever-changing lives of millennials, let us discuss who millennials really are.

In simple terms, millennials are the people who are in that age bracket where they begin experimenting with their lives and explore new things about themselves. This helps them to comprehend the kind of lifestyle they want in future. If we talk in terms of age group then a rough idea would be people from the age of 18 to 35. It is during these years when one gets a number of opportunities to experiment with life, and do things they love. And there is undoubtedly a sense of excitement when people try their hands on new things.  To be precise, they become aware of their likes and dislikes and hence, surround their life around the idea of self-care.

Let’s have a quick look at what all things, a millennial’s life is made of:

While the list is quite long, let’s just begin with a few things that almost every millennial either wishes to have or goes through.

  1. Body Goals: It’s no secret that no matter what our age is, we all wish to have good body. It is like a confidence booster for us. However, to be able to achieve this goal one needs to make exercising and playing sports an inseparable part of their lives. For some, while growing up, this becomes a passion and we inculcate it in our daily lives while others take time to make such habits a part of their schedule. Also, to maintain a good body, one needs to follow a healthy diet plan. To be honest, this task is not an easy one for young people because all we do is take our bodies for granted. Yes, it’s difficult to avoid all that attractive looking, mouthwatering junk and develop the habit of eating healthy. However, the least we can do to make up for being so hard on our own bodies, is by being a little selective about our dietary choices or simply combining it with a healthy beverage like a cup of tea. By tea, we don’t just mean our very own traditional cup of milk tea. As we all know, there are different types of teas and they further have a number of flavours. This variety in flavours and blends definitely calls for new experiments. For those who already have a strict diet plan, we would suggest you to sip a cup of Trupti- a tea that helps in after meal digestion. This will help you boost your digestion process and naturally stay fit on the inside.
  2. A busy lifestyle: A busy lifestyle is something that all of us have to learn to cope up with. As millennials, we are mostly occupied doing something or the other. Be it studies, working at a job, running from one place to another to get things on track or simply just dreaming about our future. Running from 9 to 5 is what shapes our lives. It’s no secret that we all crave for short day breaks from time to time to give some rest to our body and mind. And tea, as we all know, has always been known to be the best companion when it comes to breaks. The good thing about making tea a part of your day breaks is that it will instantly make you feel better and help you start afresh with whatever you’re doing. Also, it’s almost like a new trend to carry your own teabags wherever you go and make yourself feel like home during your tea breaks.
  3. Saying goodbye to bad habits: In the journey of becoming an adult, we inculcate a number of habits, without weighing their pros and cons. Smoking and drinking can be a few of them and they sure will not benefit us in the long run. We understand that not all of us are happy with such habits and wish to quit them but the task is not an effortless one. However, it’s never too late to start because every day is a new beginning. It’s difficult to give up on these habits but compensating for them with a cup of tea is not a very tedious thing to do. When it comes to coping up with such habits, a cup of green tea like Shuddhi– a detoxifying beverage- is definitely the best choice, be it any flavour. Also, if it’s difficult for you to develop a taste for green tea, you can always add honey to it, one of the best sweeteners to be added to tea.
  4. Sleeping Routine: It’s difficult to have a perfect sleeping routine and definitely impossible to join the 5 AM club in your early 20s. People who go to college or out for work have to set up their schedule according to their respective timetables. They may never know what’s waiting for them the very next hour. On days when there is rush for being on time or meeting deadlines is stressful, a cup of Ananda can definitely calm your senses and help you get relaxed. However, most of us in this age group wait for a holiday to be able to sleep till 12 in the afternoon or spend the entire day in bed. On such holidays, we like to do a lot of things like reading a book, listening to music or binge watching movies. Tea can be our best companion at all times, whether it’s waking up early for a run or staying up late at night. Tea will always be there to energize you.

These are just a few aspects of a millennial’s life that we have highlighted here. We are aware that there are many other phases through which a millennial has to go through and we’re sure that a cup of tea, whether green, black or white, will make up for almost every problem of yours.

I write not to move mountains, just your hearts.

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