What Is The Best Tea For Arthritis And Joint Pain?

Tea For Arthritis And Joint Pain

Arthritis and joint pain can happen due to many reasons. It’s mainly due to inflammation in your bones and joints. Therefore, any tea that has anti-inflammatory properties is good for arthritis and joint pain.

Whether your joint pain is due to a disease like rheumatoid arthritis, gout, broken bones, or dehydration, it can get cured with proper nourishment.

And yes, you read it right! Joint pain can even be due to dehydration. Fortunately for us all, tea is highly hydrating. It helps have the correct fluid and electrolyte balance in the body with many electrolytes that it may have. These include potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium.

These electrolytes are highly essential for hydration. And thus prevent joint pain that comes with other dehydration symptoms.

Best Tea For Arthritis And Joint Pain

Check Out The 9 Best Tea For Joint Pain

  • Turmeric tea

Curcumin – the primary element found in turmeric tea, has anti-inflammatory properties. This helps reduce the pain and swelling in your joints.

According to research, curcumin – a diferuloylmethane is an agent that regulates various transcription factors. These include cytokines, enzymes, protein kinases, adhesion molecules, and redox status. All these have been linked to inflammation.

It is also an immunity booster and great for diabetes or heart disease. So, if you are looking for a multifunctional tea for joint pain, turmeric tea is your friend.

  • Ginger tea

Ginger tea is not just great for seasonal colds and coughs or upset stomachs. It helps to fight inflammation with its powerful compound called gingerol.

Gingerol has many health properties that take care of your joints and overall body in general. The calcium and phosphorus found in this spicy tea also help in the strengthening of your joints.

According to the results of a 12-week study, in adults with osteoarthritis, ingesting 1,000 mg of ginger daily for three months reduced inflammatory indicators considerably.

  • Cinnamon tea

Yes, sweet cinnamon tea can help relieve your joint pains! It’s a spicy tea with the goodness of cinnamon’s digestive, detoxifying, and immunity-boosting properties.

Cinnamon tea is also great at reducing inflammation and pain in the bones. Plus, this tea has a beautiful aroma and delicious flavor that will help you forget the pains.

  • JointG+ tea

Our bones tend to lose strength as we get older. And the anxiety that’s induced by cracking noises and discomfort that makes the day difficult.

Treatment for healthy joints can be time-consuming, which is why you need to try Teafloor’s JointG+. With its supreme blend of Assam Green Tea, Nettle, Rhododendron, Tulsi, and Cinnamon for joint pain relief, it can help you heal faster.

These herbs and spices are grown in India’s finest plantations, the land of enlightening spices. In addition, unlike other bitter medications, Joint G+ has a flavor and aroma that you will enjoy.

  • Green tea

Green tea is a packet of nutritious charm that no one should miss out on. Aside from the pleasant flavor and aroma, you may expect nothing but delightful nourishment when its polyphenols become a part of your body.

Thankfully, these polyphenols also have anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, making them a splendid tea for joint pain and arthritis. And you can have it any time (day or night) of the day. That’s because it has zero to no caffeine to cause you any jitters or energy crashes.

  • Chamomile tea

Chamomile is a fantastic herb for relieving stress and anxiety. It not only relaxes your brain but calms your frayed nerves which help relieve any pains in the body.

However, it also has anti-inflammatory properties. This helps reduce joint pain and the swelling that happens during arthritis. It also relieves muscle pains and is a great pick-me-up for the evenings when you need something to help forget the joint pain and induce calming sleep.

  • White tea

The process of oxidation usually damages some of the nutrients of tea leaves. White tea is minimally oxidized. And therefore, has more nutrients, more antioxidants, and more bone-strengthening minerals. Its antioxidants have more anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, making it a splendid tea for joint pain.

Thankfully, Teafloor has a variety of white teas for you to choose from. All these are not just of incredible quality being premium pluck teas. They also have a delightful taste and aroma for you to cherish.

Tea For Joint Pain

  • Clove tea

Any tea with cloves in it is incredible tea for joint pain and diseases like gout, arthritis, etc.

Teafloor has a bunch of such teas. These include masala chai and Kashmiri Kahwa tea, which have an extensive amount of nutrients, with cloves being a significant one.

Cloves are not just antibacterial or antiviral. They are also anti-inflammatory in nature. And have bone-strengthening minerals like calcium. These minerals help ensure your bones don’t suffer from any swelling, weakness, or pain.

  • Rose tea

Rose tea with rose petals or rosehip extract have fantastic anti-inflammatory properties that can help you treat your joint pain. The tea is also relaxing and has tons of polyphenols that help prevent oxidative stress, which plays a role in arthritis.

You can try Teafloor’s rose tea mixed with the omnipotent green tea to consume a daily dose of goodness in the form of a tea for joint pain.

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