Which black tea has the most caffeine?

black tea has the most caffeine

Are you trying to quit coffee and you need a replacement in the form of black tea? Or maybe you are checking before an online tea purchase which black tea has the most caffeine so you can avoid it at all costs?

Whatever situation you are into, be glad, because we have an answer for you.

Earl grey tea and English breakfast are two kinds of black tea that have the most caffeine content. These have approximately 60-90 milligrams of caffeine when measured in an 8-ounce cup of tea. A regular cup of coffee (like espresso) has about 95 milligrams of caffeine in the same amount.

Earl Grey and English breakfast tea are high in caffeine because they are produced from the Camellia Sinensis var. Assamica varietal of the tea plant.

Earl grey tea is a naturally fresh and sweet-smelling tea. It is due to the blend of black tea leaves with the aromatic oil that comes from the oranges of the bergamot type. This oil gives it a citrus flavor and aroma that is hardly expected from black teas.

English breakfast tea, on the other hand, is a strong and robust tea, with flavors depending on how you want to make it. You can enjoy its malty flavor, or make it sweet or let it stay bitter according to how you want. Check out the English breakfast tea recipe here to give it a try!

Why are these preferred?

These teas are usually preferred over coffee due to the reason that not only do they have caffeine in limited amounts, but they also have l-theanine. It is said that this amino acid helps to release the tea’s caffeine in your body at a slower rate, which means you don’t get to experience the jittery feelings that you might have experienced with coffee before

The slow-release also means that the little caffeine you consumed will show its effect for longer periods. Therefore, you will be able to be more focused on your work for longer.

black tea has the most caffeine

Other black teas that have high caffeine:

  • – Irish breakfast tea
  • – Assam tea
  • – Darjeeling tea
  • – Ceylon tea
  • – Kenyan black tea

Does steeping tea longer increase the caffeine?

This is only a myth and it’s high time we bust it today!

Steeping black tea or any tea for that matter, longer does not increase the caffeine content. In fact, it reduces it.

You see, when you steep tea in a pot, the caffeine gets released first. At some time, other compounds such as the Thearubigins get released too. These bind with the caffeine that’s present in the water. Once these bind with the caffeine, the effect of caffeine will be over. It won’t be able to bind with the cells or brain receptors of your body and thus, would get diminished by the time the steeping is over.

If you really want to get all the benefits of caffeine from your black tea, then consider steeping it for only about 2 minutes. In case, you want to reduce its effect on your body and brain, steep it for around 5 minutes.

For the best results from your tea, buy organic black tea online. Its processing methods help to reduce any damaging effects that overly-processed teas may otherwise have.

Is it okay to start your day with high caffeine teas?

It is not recommended to start your day with high caffeine teas. And you must know that before you buy tea online and make it a part of your morning routine.

While caffeinated-teas may have l-theanine to encourage calmness and suppress the jittery feeling, the caffeine may still be effective due to the reason that you drink it on an empty stomach.

When your stomach is empty, the little caffeine in your black tea may be more for your system to handle. That’s because this may lead to the overproduction of acid in your belly. Thus, leading to problems like gastritis.

It is better to drink such tea after your breakfast. This way you will also get to avail the health benefit of improved digestion.

That’s right! Black tea has enough antioxidants that can help to improve the release of digestive juices in your body. Also, caffeine helps to burn fat as well, and thus it may keep you away from obesity.

Hope you found your answer! Apart from black teas, yerba mate, matcha, and oolong teas have high caffeine content too.

Let us know if you want to get more details about them.

Until then, cherish your black teas and make yourself healthier! You can buy black tea online at Teafloor’s Online tea store in India.

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  1. Ankit, nice post. I have a few questions at this point.

    1. Does adding milk to the coffee reduce the caffeine content in any way?
    2. You mentioned steeping does not increase caffeine level but reduces it. But if you may have noticed, steeping longer darkens the tea color and gives it a bitter/strong taste. Does it still have a lesser caffeine content as compared to the original version?
    3. I drink black tea sometimes as the first thing in the office to start my day without breakfast. But, I have 2 cookies along with the drink. Would it still harm?

  2. Thanks for your appreciation😊😊👍
    1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. No

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