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  • Bombay Cutting Chai Bombay Cutting Chai
  • Bombay Cutting Chai Bombay Cutting Chai
  • Bombay Cutting Chai Bombay Cutting Chai
  • Bombay Cutting Chai Bombay Cutting Chai

Bombay Cutting Chai

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₹137.75 5%

  • category Flavored Blend
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  • Region Assam
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  • Type CTC Tea
  • Know About Bombay Cutting Chai

  • India is a nation of tea lovers and the Bombay cutting chai is much loved not just by the people of Mumbai but also other cities of the subcontinent. The Bombay cutting chai happens to be an iconic tea variety which needs no introduction. Popularized by cinema, this tea is a huge part of the “Bombay culture.” A little stronger than the average cup of tea, it contains additional condiments like ginger, lemongrass, and cardamom.

    It is aromatic and flavorful, with a good blend of spices and strength. As the name suggests, this tea translates into “cut into half.” Thus, it is ideal for those who prefer drinking small quantities of tea with the good old Khari biscuit multiple times in a day. Its sweet spicy flavours will tinkle your sensory buds leave you with a sublime feeling. The best thing about it is that it has low levels of caffeine which won't affect your sleeping patterns even a bit.

  • Health Benefits

  • 1. Has less levels of caffeine. Not harmful.

    2. Reduces risk of heart attacks.

    3. Improves digestion

  • steeping Notes

    • Filtered Water

    • Tea Leaves
      1 TSP/1.5 Gram

    • Temperature
      95-100 ℃/203 - 212 ℉

    • Time
      4-5 min

  • Tea Condiments

    • Honey


    • Milk


    • Sugar


    • Tea Leaves


  • Customer Reviews

  • 4.65 Rating | 3 Review
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      Really loved the taste and aroma. Found it better than other regular tea brands, Delivery service was also the product in 3 days!! Good job guys!

    2. By


      I used to consume this a lot during my college days, and now teafloor has helped to bring back many of my memories. The best thing about it is that it has very less caffeine so now I can have it multiple times a day.

    3. By

      Bombay Cutting Chai

      Bombay Cutting Tea gives you the best tea flavor that any Indian Tea could ever give. This Tea has a terrific taste of ginger and fennel seeds blended with cardamon.This Tea Uplifts your mood with every sip. The Only Cup which keep me going whole day. Thanks Teafloor!

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