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  • Chamomile Pyramid Tea bags Chamomile Pyramid Tea bags
  • Chamomile Pyramid Tea bags Chamomile Pyramid Tea bags

Chamomile Pyramid Tea Bags

  • category Flavored Blend
  • Know About Chamomile Pyramid Tea bags

  • A conventional medicinal plant, chamomile is a white flower blended with green tea that effectively helps tackle many skin-related concerns. From helping soothe sunburns to lightening your complexion, this tea works wonders.
  • Health Benefits

  • Chamomile green tea is renowned for its pacifying properties for both external as well as internal health. While it brightens the complexion and helps treat skin infections, it also aids in soothing the internal organ system from any of its ailments.
  • dry leaf

  • The base tea orignates from the foothill of the Himalayans and has been blended with some of the finest herbs and spices to give you a combination of the health benefits. Regular consumption of this tea will aid in the improvement of some of the common digestive ailments.
  • infusion

  • Bright, light yellowish golden liquor which has a very delicate & balanced mouthfill. It combines the goodness and taste of the selected herbs and spices to sooth your nerves and give you a calming effect at any time of the day.
  • liquor

  • Bright geeen leaves with dominant aroma of fennel and cardamom spices and the infusion is brought alive with the presence of whole chamomile flower.
  • steeping Notes

  • Water- 180ml, Temp- 80-85C, Quantity- 3.5 grm, Brewing Time- 1 min
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