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The World Bank


HDFC Bank Events

HDFC : In collaboration with HDFC, Teafloor initiated the relationship with a tea talk followed by a tea tasting session for all the employees of HDFC Gurgaon. The event saw a major footfall and a few flavors became the favorites of the employees. The canopy quickly picked up pace and was engaged throughout the day. The feedback from the emplyees was positive and wellness certainly became the talk of the town.

Convergys Events

Convergys : Teafloor was able to create a lot of impressions and managed to conquer hearts in Convergys, Gurgaon with a special tea tasting session. The teas quickly became a hit with the employees enjoying the flavors right from the cafeteria itself. The event spanned across the entire day with a good buzz throughout. The tea sources and the brew was an area of interest explored by each one visiting the canopy.

Snapdeal Events

Snapdeal : Teafloor snapped an exciting deal for a tea-rrific day long tea tasting event which saw Snapdeal pouring over different flavors of tea. The event brought about a huge awareness in green tea and managed to convince a lot of employees to leave their caffiene and adopt green tea as their first step towards wellness.

The World Bank Events

World Bank : Teafloor was able to partner with world bank to serve their employees and customers by holding an elevating tea tasting session in World bank. The wide catalogue of teas was appreciated by everyone and the flavors were truly enjoyed. The day saw a brew of engagement and curiosity and the teas definitely found their way to win hearts.

IGT Events

IGT : Interglobe and Teafloor flew their first flight and captured the employees over a cup of green tea with a special day long tea tasting session. The employees loved the different flavors served and were equally curious of the 70 other flavors of tea available. The canopy was buzzing the entire day with tea lovers who wanted to collect and try new flavors.

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