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Rethink Tea, Rethink Gifts

It is rightly said that the best gifts are the ones that add value to the life of your loved ones. So this festive season, let's 'rethink gifts' with our majestic range of wellness gift boxes- a dose of serenity and luxury for a flourishing lifestyle.

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The wholeheartedness of the phrase “Good Morning” is a blessing for a better day. Begin your day with a cup of Urja, your go to concoction of white sage, hibiscus and lemon grass, with green tea to add that extra sunshine to your mornings.

₹ 499 | 20 Tea bags


Maintaining a fit body is one of our goals and it is best to turn fitness into a lifestyle. A daily dose of our balanced blend of Green Tea, Kokum Flower, orange zest and blueberry gives you the Spoorti to bring those goals to reality.

₹ 499 | 20 Tea bags
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Stress is a monster that continues to have adverse effects on our bodies. In such situations, take a deep breath and sip on a warm cup of Ananda, an infusion of rose, passion flower and ashwagandha. Something to add an earthly spin to your life.

₹ 499 | 20 Tea bags

In the era of unhealthy habits, it is vital to detox our body. A healthful solution to this is a blend of stinging nettle, lemon peel and cranberries. A cup of Shuddhi, loaded with antioxidants, is the best way to rid your body of toxins.

₹ 499 | 20 Tea bags
diwali gift boxes
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We often overlook the warrior that protects our bodies from the inside out – Immunity. However, this warrior also needs a helping hand to function. A way to rejuvenate our immunity is a cup of Arogya, green tea blended with rose petals, tulsi and moringa.

₹ 499 | 20 Tea bags

Our eating habits put immense pressure on our digestive systems. The solution to this difficulty is Trupti, a blend of fennel, orange rind and lemon peel. It strengthens metabolism which is the key to a hale and hearty body and mind.

₹ 499 | 20 Tea bags
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We slog our bodies and minds as machines of progress, but often overlook the fact that machines need rest too. An effortless way to relax is a cup of Nidra, a delicate mélange of lavender, passion flower and chamomile blended with green tea. It is the best means to render a fully satisfying sleep.

₹ 499 | 20 Tea bags
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Little Luxuries

Just a simple experiment with the richness of nature to help you feel the glory of a hearty life.

  • Jasmine
  • Chamomile
  • Rose
  • Tulsi Ginger
₹ 299 | 1 tea tube
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Mini Detox

For the millennial life, smaller steps in a smaller box.

  • Chamomile and Rose
  • Rose and Jasmine
  • Rose and Kadak Mantra
  • Chamomile and Tulsi Ginger
₹ 399 | 2 mini jars
teafloor tea gift boxes
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Cleanse Clues

Catch hold of these little clues and unscramble your way towards a healthy life.

  • Jasmine, Rose, Tulsi, Kadak
  • Jasmine, Chamomile, Rose, Tulsi
  • Chamomile, Rose, Tulsi, Kadak
₹ 299 | 4 pouches
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Trinity Tea Collection

Let these real luxuries of nature be your pathway towards a wholesome life.

₹ 799 | 12 pouches
Indulge tea Collection

Something to make your taste buds travel in all four directions of the country

₹ 1299 | 24 pouches
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