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  • Jasmine Green Tea Jasmine Green Tea
  • Jasmine Green Tea Jasmine Green Tea
  • Jasmine Green Tea Jasmine Green Tea
  • Jasmine Green Tea Jasmine Green Tea

Jasmine Green Tea

  • category Flavored Blend
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  • Type Green Tea
  • Know About Jasmine Green Tea

  • Jasmine green tea is one of its kinds, delicate and exotic in nature, it has been used by centuries by the Chinese. For the Chinese, it is like a “spirit soothing elixir” which calms down both body and the soul. This tea is made by incorporating jasmine blossoms with green tea, which results in a miraculous drink known as the “jasmine green tea.”

    What makes it special?

    This unique is special due to the intoxicating aroma and the offered health benefits. There is in fact a double power theory associated with this tea – the combined benefits of jasmine and green tea. Jasmine is often known as the “Queen of Flowers” due to the distinctive redolence and the exceptional health benefits which it tends to offer. In natural medicine, jasmine is used to enhance the immunity of the body as well to fight fever. The most important use is in the form of aromatherapy, which is used in candles, incense, etc. The fragrance can induce feelings of positivity in human mind.

    Green tea on the other hand is a well known drink now. The rising popularity of green tea is being attributed to the health benefits which it provides to us. Loaded with tones of antioxidants, this tea fights various diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, skin problems and much more. If you really want to live a healthy life in today’s world, then you really need to consume atleast 2-3 cups of green tea.

  • Health Benefits

  • 1. Helps curing allergies.

    2. Calms down and helps in anxiety.

    3. Detoxifies body

  • dry leaf

  • Leaves are hydroscopic, they readily absorb floral essences like jasmine, which is prized for its high mountain character and elegant sweetness. Refreshingly fragrant, jasmine has been regarded as the perfect digestive tea for centuries.
  • infusion

  • Large open green leaves with aroma of jasmine.
  • liquor

  • Pleasant and calming aroma of jasmine combined with a crisp, vegetal flavour of green tea.
  • steeping Notes

    • Filtered Water

    • Tea Leaves
      1-2 TSP/2.5 Gram

    • Temperature
      70-75 ℃/158 - 167 ℉

    • Time
      2-3 min

  • Tea Condiments

    • Ginger

    • Lemon

    • Honey

    • Sugar

    • Tea

  • Customer Reviews

  • 5 Rating | 3 Review
    1. By

      Loved the taste

      This tea proved me wrong that green tea has no taste. And with the health benefits it offers, simply amazing.

    2. By

      Really a 'Gift from God'

      My personal recommendation is besides being delicious, Jasmine green tea is very much beneficial to health. That's why it is considered as 'Gift from God'. There are tons of health benefits of it and I am mentioning some of them:
      * It helps to fight bad bacteria.
      * It helps to prevent cancer.
      * It helps body to fight against Diabetes.
      * Very helpful in weight loss.
      * It is also anti-aging.
      There are lots of other benefits. That's why I love this awesome natural product.

    3. By

      Really awesome

      A lifetime experience. I would like to thank the entire Teafloor team (sales, customer suppport) for the excellent delivery and query resolution. The scent of Jasmine and flavour of green tea makes this a premium quality tea at just a low price. It is also good for the digestive system.

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