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  • Kadak Ginger Chai Kadak Ginger Chai
  • Kadak Ginger Chai Kadak Ginger Chai
  • Kadak Ginger Chai Kadak Ginger Chai
  • Kadak Ginger Chai Kadak Ginger Chai

Kadak Ginger Chai

  • category Flavored Blend
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  • Region Assam
  • |
  • Type CTC Tea
  • Know About Kadak Ginger Chai

  • Kadak ginger tea is something which reflects the culture of our country. It’s no secret that we Indians love to add ginger to our chai, not just because of its benefits but also its taste. Widely used as a culinary spice, ginger has become a popular ingredient in herbal infusions. It is an anti-inflammatory and helps detoxify the body; it contains terpene and ginger oil, which help stimulate blood circulation and cleanse the lymphatic system.

    Root ginger, therefore, is used to help treat digestive ailments, nausea, and the symptoms of cold and flu. When used in tea, ginger makes a spicy drink which is caffeine free and is a solution to all your health problems. This amazing mixture breathes new life into your day, and you will find yourself thoroughly enjoying your cup every morning. Ideal to cozy up to on a rainy day, this tea will keep you company while you read your favorite book on a lazy day.

  • Health Benefits

  • 1. Helps to weight management

  • dry leaf

  • CTC black tea blended with bits of cinnamon, black cardamom, green cardamom, dry ginger, peppercorns, fennel, clove and bishop’s weed. Extremely spicy; with top notes of clove and bay leaves, followed by fennel in the middle and mace, black cardamom, pepper at the back.
  • infusion

  • Coco brown nuggets with assorted spices. Heady and spicy.
  • liquor

  • The liquor is exceptionally warm and spicy. A pungent hint of Bishop’s Weed starts the cup while warmer notes of mace, clove, and bay leaves emerge towards the middle. Fennel lends sweetness to the cup while ginger enhances the warmth of the liquor. The flavor of Bishop’s Weed returns prominently in the aftertaste.
  • steeping Notes

    • Filtered Water

    • Tea Leaves
      1 TSP/1.5 Gram

    • Temperature
      95-100 ℃/203 - 212 ℉

    • Time
      4-5 min

  • Tea Condiments

    • Lemon

    • Ginger

    • Milk

    • Sugar

    • Tea

  • Customer Reviews

  • 5 Rating | 2 Review
    1. By
      Aayush Thakur

      Feeling Refreshed & Soothing

      I was having a hard time adjusting to dry winds of summer, which made my throat sour, dry and rough causing infection. I ordered this tea and just after 2-3 days, I saw drastic results. I have been drinking this tea regularly ever since. Now summer feels nice again :)

    2. By

      Really Strong

      It lives up to its name, really kadak. You can feel the taste of Ginger as you drink it. Loved it.

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