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  • Kadak Masala Mantra Chai Kadak Masala Mantra Chai
  • Kadak Masala Mantra Chai Kadak Masala Mantra Chai
  • Kadak Masala Mantra Chai Kadak Masala Mantra Chai
  • Kadak Masala Mantra Chai Kadak Masala Mantra Chai

Kadak Masala Mantra Chai

  • category Flavored Blend
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  • Region Assam
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  • Type CTC Tea
  • Know About Kadak Masala Mantra Chai

  • Kadak Masala Mantra Chai

    Masala chai is not just another tea recipe in India, but it is something which reflects the culture of the country. A country obsessed with spices, we Indians love to add masala to our chai as well. Made with spiced milk and tea leaves, this brew is a favorite of many and happens to be an iconic tea recipe. The Kadak Masala tea available on Teafloor contains a blend of spices like cardamom, ginger, bay leaves, rose petals, fennel seeds, black pepper, cinnamon, etc.

    This amazing mixture breathes new life into your day, and you will find yourself thoroughly enjoying your cuppa every morning. Ideal to cozy up to on a rainy day, the Kadak masala tea will keep you company while you read your favorite book on a lazy day. Those who don’t want to make the Kadak masala chai from scratch can make the most of this blend, available on Teafloor. Home to various varieties of tea, Teafloor is one of the best tea websites in the count, where you can place your online tea order with ease.

    How To Make Kadak Masala Chai?

    The Kadak masala chai recipe, is pretty simple to follow if you use the tea blend-mixed for your convenience-by Teafloor. The actual Kadak tea meaning is to have a cup of tea so strong that it energizes you fully. If you don’t know how to make Kadak chai, then you could follow a recipe video available on the internet. The best part is that you can easily follow the Kadak masala chai recipe in Hindi and English.

    Buy Kadak Assam Tea Online

    As mentioned before, Teafloor is home to some of the best teas available in the market. The quality of the brew is impeccable and the price is perfect. It is one of the best tea websites which sells unadulterated, fine quality tea leaves, across varieties. Your online tea order will reach you in a few days and you can easily enjoy your favorite Kadak masala tea, whenever you crave for it. Some of the benefits of this cuppa are mentioned as follows:

    • The tea energizes the body and helps you face the day with a bright smile and a sharp mind
    • It keeps the body warm during the winters
    • It breaks up blocked sinus, thus relieving people from cold and flu.
  • Health Benefits

  • 1. Energises your body. Good to start your day with.

    2. Helps keep the arteries and capillaries smooth and clot free.

    3. Helps to improve diabetes

  • dry leaf

  • Chocolate brown
  • infusion

  • Dark coppery brown with cardamom, ginger and fennel seeds.
  • liquor

  • Full bodied, brisk flavour with refreshing, spicy taste of exotic Indian spices. Pleasing aroma of exotic Indian spices.
  • steeping Notes

    • Filtered Water

    • Tea Leaves
      1 TSP/1.5 Gram

    • Temperature
      95-100 ℃/203 - 212 ℉

    • Time
      4-5 min

  • Tea Condiments

    • Ginger

    • Lemon

    • Milk

    • Sugar

    • Tea

  • Customer Reviews

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      This is it.

      I am a fan of strong masala teas and have to admit that this is by far the best one I've ever had. It's too good. Try and judge it yourself.

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