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Buy ChaiSpa Tea Online| Online Tea Store India

Teafloor is one such E-commerce website that offers its consumers the experience of handcrafted blends of tea. From the heart of the tea estates, right at their doorstep. The blends are examined to the very last detail before being sent to their buyers. Evolving every day, Teafloor has upped its game by introducing the new ChaiSpa range. If you buy ChaiSpa online from Teafloor, you’re surely welcoming good health to your everyday diet. It is specially made to solve the everyday problems of people and help them take one step ahead in their standard of living.

It’s no secret that because of an increase in the number of adulterated products in the market. People hesitate in spending their money on different products. However, with the remarkable growth of E-marketing in the past few years. People consider it a great solution to buy the products that they are fond of.

What is ChaiSpa?

It’s been ages since people have been trusting an assortment of herbs for their explicit therapeutic properties. Natural herbs combined with the goodness of green tea. What gave birth to these Wellness teas which aim for the betterment of the lifestyle of tea drinkers. Thereby bringing a change in their daily routine.

The entire range of thirteen blends is fashionably curated to help solve internal concerns like stress, anxiety, obesity, bad digestion, sleep disorders, body toxicity, etc. Wrapped in delicate yet sturdy pyramid tea bags. ChaiSpa offers the finest tea drinking experience to all its consumers. These vibrant blends are made with green tea united with passionflower, lemon peel, white sage, lavender,  chamomile, dried berries, ashwagandha, etc.

Premiums of these Premium Teas

Undoubtedly, wellness teas are first-rate substitutes to caffeinated teas. The ChaiSpa is particularly formulated with herbs that work as quick and easy health swaps. Prearranged below are a few benefits of the ChaiSpa:-

    • Rich in antioxidants, helps to detoxify the body and dismiss free radicals.
    • Catechins present in the tea boosts metabolism and help the body organs work well.
    • Ingredients like chamomile, lavender, and passionflower help in easing insomnia, helping drinkers sleep like a baby.
    • Teabags that contain blueberries, orange zest, and kokum flowers are pick-me-ups that aid in weight management.
    • Ashwagandha and rosehip assist in relief from anxiety.
    • These wellness teas help in improving hair and skin health as well as respiratory health.
    • Also, the pyramid shape of the tea bags allows better and quicker brew because they are more spacious, allowing the tea leaves and other ingredients to unfold properly.
    • Unlike regular tea bags, these are great for personal use as well as gifting, simply because these pyramid tea bags set a hallmark of luxury.

ChaiSpa | Available at Teafloor

Our recently launched pyramid teabags are a combination of green tea and herbal elements. Which are loaded with antioxidants and various other health benefits. We’ve made it easier for online buyers to buy tea bags online from Teafloor. All we aim for is to assist our drinkers towards their goal of an easier and healthier lifestyle. And what’s better than getting to do that while in the ease of your household?

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