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There is always a surplus harvest when it comes to Assam tea, which calls for mechanical, capital-intensive processing of the tea. Therefore, you do not always get the quality of brew you are paying for. Here, the smarter thing to do is to buy Assam tea online. Teafloor being a consumer-centric business assures excellent quality tea leaves for the price you pay. Additionally, each tea is well described, so you can pick and choose as per your preference. Besides that, the sanctity of the tea remains intact, letting you enjoy the healthy properties of Assam tea.

Indian Assam Tea

In India, Assam tea is the king of all teas. East India, Assam, is home to the largest tea plantations in the world. Assam tea is strong, with a robust and astringent flavor. It has a powerful aroma and deep amber-burgundy hue. Not for those who have an appetite for light teas, Assam tea is certainly a fierce and intense tea. It is often compared to the English breakfast tea, as it has the ability to jolt you from your drowsiness in the morning.

For those, who do not like coffee because of its jitters, Assam tea, is the best choice. With just the right amount of caffeine, Assam tea has a gradual way of energizing the compound, which keeps the body and mind alert for a long time, rather than burning out in a couple of hours.

Why Choose Assam Tea?

India has a huge market for Assam tea, as it is grown in abundance here. Due to the tropical temperature, it has a uniquely malty taste allowing it to mix well with milk and sugar, as they happen to be complementing flavors; perhaps it is the only tea that is malty enough.

Assam tea is loved across the nation and is an integral part of the cultural landscape of the country. There are six to seven steps involved in the processing of its fresh leaves, the addition or exclusion of any of these stages results in a different type of tea altogether- Withering, Fixing, Oxidation, Rolling, Drying, Aging, etc.

Assam Tea Prices

Since it is grown in colossal quantities, the demand and supply are met equally, implying that the Assam tea, is quite inexpensive. Most budget buyers, choose this pocket-friendly brew, however, its variants have different costs. If you wish to buy hand-rolled Assam tea, that might be slightly high-end.

Having said that, you will definitely experience the difference and realize what you were missing out on. The tea sold by Teafloor is extracted manually and carefully by tea experts, who scrutinize the leaves to the very last detail ensuring no compromise on the quality of tea for its price.

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