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Aquaherb, best detox drink with natural quality nutritional herbs

A good day starts with a good and healthy drink and nothing is better when it is infused with various herbs and nutrients. Aquaherb herbal Water is a combination of various spices all mixed together to create a strong & refreshing blend that can be taken with warm or cool water to kickstart your day.

Aquaherbs: A vital for the perfect health

 Aqua herbs are normal drinks which do not contain milk or sugar, instead constitutes of herbs of different origin which are known to treat physical as well as mental illnesses. These are mostly available in pouches which enhance the ease of usage and storage as well. These pouches individually serve as digestive aids and are herb-rich. The contents of the pouch are well determined and tested to make sure that the interactions are safe and sound. The herbs are combined in a way that they produce maximum output without any potential side effects. The aqua herbs are based on ayurvedic practices and make use of the interactions and effects of different components used during the process of making the pouches.

Aquaherbs use, its and the long-lasting benefits

Each individual pouch consists of all the essential elements required for serving the purpose of a routine drink. The herbs used in the preparations are well known for their effect on human body and does not cause any side effect which is one of the reasons these sachets are considered by wellness practitioners, sports person, yoga gurus, during meditations as well as during regular activities. These combinations soothe the mind and body creating a balance between both of them. The packets are used one at a time with warm water mostly as it enhances the absorption of herbs in the solution and hence the herbs are readily available for consumption. Various spices mixed together in appropriate proportions impart a soothing taste as well as long lasting effects.

Most commonly used herbs in Aquahherbs are Fenugreek, Mint, Triphala, Ajwain, coriander, cumin. These herbs when combined in proper fractions and mixed well, creates good impact particularly on the digestive system of the human body. The herbs used in the preparation of the aqua herbs are clearly visible on the packets and are well distributed. Fenugreek is well known for its anti-diabetic properties, anti-inflammatory properties and is also a rich source of protein and nicotinic acid.

Aquaherbs along with improving the digestion of the human body, also aids in detoxification of the body. Herbs such as chia seeds, nettle, fenugreek, Moringa mixed with other detoxifying ingredients helps in removing toxins from the body and create a neutral environment inside the human body.

Why you should include Aquaherbs in your daily drinks or routine?

It is a well-known fact that having water normal or cold infused with healthy herbs are considered to be good for health, however in the fast-moving lives of today, people have become less considerate about the health aspects. Aquaherb brings a solution to the health issues which have risen due to this ignorant behavior of humans. The herbs are available in pouches and consumption of one packet in a day satisfies the needs of the body for the entire day. The formulations are natural and do not include use of any preservatives or additives. There are no additional flavors in the preparation. These preparations are not approved or recommended by FSSAI for treatment of any particular disease or ailments.  The preparation consists of natural ingredients infused with herbs and are consumed once –twice in a day. Since there are no additives or preservatives added during the procedure, the chances of allergies to any person is minimal to none.

Order your aquaherb sachet today blended with exotic Indian ingredients!!!!!

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