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Where to buy black tea online

Buying black tea online is pretty easy nowadays due to the multiple options available online. The best part is that you can check the reviews and customer feedback for the tea before selecting one. In other words, do the research first. If you want to know where to buy black tea online, you should consider the reviews and make your buy accordingly.

What is black tea good for?

Black tea is one of the most refreshing drinks and the simplest one as well. This is one of the drinks forged with various cultures and carries its own heritage in a simple blend. Since every tea has a character of its own, black tea has a specific simplicity and realism associated with it and makes it exclusive just like other organic teas.

Black tea holds a revitalizing and lingering taste that helps in boosting your energy level due to the presence of caffeine in it. Along with the authentic taste, the health benefits of black tea have a  number of health benefits such as immunity enhancement, protection against bacterial and viral diseases, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, etc.

What makes black tea special?

Consuming black tea is one of the best ways to keep your body healthy. The tea has anti-oxidant properties that help to remove free radicals and minimize the cell damage in your body.  Black tea contains flavonoids and is great for the immune system.

Black tea is also known to lower down sugar levels in the body along with minimizing high blood pressure rates. Drinking black tea can help in increasing your focus and improve your gut health as well.

If you know what is black tea good for, you will definitely start consuming it from today.

How to prepare black tea

Black tea is easy to prepare and requires the least number of ingredients. To know how to prepare black tea, all you need to do is to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Add some water to a pan and let it boil.
  • You can add tea leaves to the boiling water.
  • It is always better to add tea leaves after the gas is off as it prevents the tea from getting over-brewed and bitter.
  • Keep the lid on the pan to store the aroma and let it steep for 2-3 minutes.
  • After that, you can strain the solution using a strainer and pour them into the cup directly.
  • A hot cup of tea is ready to be served.

Black tea brands in India

Black tea is one of the easiest types of teas available. Due to the least number of preservations and processes involved in the production, it has become a favorite to a wide range of people. There are a number of websites online that sell back teas in different flavors.

Additional ingredients such as ginger, lemon can also get added to black teas to increase their flavors. because It also enhances the health benefits associated with the tea.

Black teas are available online as well as offline stores. You can buy teas depending on the availability and requirement. The basic benefit of searching for items online is the wide range of options available for the customers.

There are different online portals that provide different black teas at reasonable prices and availability as per the requirements of the customers.  Teafloor provides the best quality organic black tea leaves and is among the best Black tea brands in India.

Best organic black tea in India

It is very important to choose an organic black tea that has quality leaves and output to ensure a great taste and flavor.  If you want to buy the best organic black tea in India, you can buy it today from the Teafloor at the best rates online.

Best Black Tea Price List in India

Irish Breakfast Tea Rs.164/100G
Premium Big Leaf Darjeeling Black Tea Rs.1109/100G
Namring Upper Darjeeling Black Tea Rs.570/100G
Special Muscatel Darjeeling Black Tea Rs.832/100G
Puttabong Darjeeling Black Tea Rs.557/100G
Darjeeling Queen Autumn Flush Black Tea Rs.1200/100G
Manglam Gold Summer Black Tea Rs.633/100G
Darjeeling Okayti Full Wonder Black Tea Rs.950/100G
Gopaldhara Summer Darjeeling Black Tea Rs.514/100G
Summer Darjeeling Organic Black Tea Rs.1386/100G
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