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Where to buy CTC tea online

CTC tea is another form of black tea processed differently than usual black tea and has immense health benefits.  This tea type is one of the most consumed healthy tea types in the world. CTC stands for crush, tear, curl to black tea type to give it a stronger and healthier taste. If you want to know where to buy CTC tea online, explore Teafloor and the different blends of healthy tea types.

CTC leaf tea price

Amidst the many benefits of tea consumption on a regular basis, there are various varieties of tea that can be distinguished from each other on the basis of production methods and added ingredients.

Black tea is one of the most beneficial and enriched with nutrients kinds of tea due to the minimal processing involved.  CTC is one such form that requires special processing of the tea leaves. Therefore, the CTC leaf tea price is high but on the Teafloor, you can get CTC at a quality and discounted price.

Best CTC tea in India

As the name suggests, the CTC tea type is different from orthodox tea due to the complicated method of production. The preparation of tea takes lesser time and provides consistent quality blends. The taste is also different from traditional teas due to the astringency present.

CTC is one healthy tea type and is definitely worth the hype.  It is really important to take care of the quality of tea leaves you are consuming. With tea floor, you get to buy the best CTC tea in India, that too at a great price.

Types of CTC tea

There are different types of CTC tea available on Teafloor.

  1. Kadak Masala Mantra Chai
  2. Kadak Ginger Chai
  3. Chai-20
  4. Chai Summer
  5. Exotic Bombay Cutting Chai
  6. Cinnamon Tea
  7. Assam Exotic Chai

Therefore, it is important to make your buy post-checking the varieties and types of CTC tea. Some of the most popular types available at Teafloor are Cinnamon tea, Assam Exotic Chai, Kadak Ginger Chai, Kadak Masala Mantra chai, etc

CTC leaf tea benefits

It is available throughout the year which makes it a preferred choice for a good amount of people. There are a number of websites online that serve the best quality CTC leaf easily available to all the users. In other words, there are many options to look after and make the right buy.

  • CTC leaf tea is full of antioxidants and helps in fighting against various types of diseases and disorders.
  • CTC leaf can fight against and help to kill cancer-causing cells, but without damaging any surrounding cells.
  • It helps in preventing heart diseases and aids in digestion as well. In addition to that, CTC leaf tea is also a good inclusion for weight loss diets.
  • Above all, CTC leaf is stronger than usual tea and possesses an earthier tone in itself.

How to prepare CTC tea leaf

If you want to know how to prepare CTC tea leaf, you need to learn about its whole processing. The process includes crushing, tearing, and curling the tea leaves.  CTC leaf tea uses advanced processing techniques in which the leaves are passed through a series of colander rollers to crush, tear, and curl into tiny pallets and after that, you get the final product.

If you Want to buy CTC tea leaves, visit www.teafloor.com today!

Best CTC Tea Price List on July, 2024 in India

Kadak Masala Mantra Chai Rs.152.95/100G
Kadak Ginger Chai Rs.111/100G
Chai-20 Rs.390/250g
Chai Summer Rs.390/250g
Exotic Bombay Cutting Chai Rs.564.50/500G
Cinnamon Tea Rs.504.45/500G
Assam Exotic Chai Rs.465/500G
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