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According to popular belief, herbal teas are commonly known as Tisanes (pronounced as ti-Zahn). However, tisanes are not entirely teas, since they are not prepared from the camellia Sinensis plant. Tisanes are prepared with the help of various parts of varieties of plants and shrubs. Herbal tea, on the other hand, is a category that houses both tisanes as well as green teas with infused herbs and plants. The combination of tea and various parts of a plant- bark, stems, leaves, fruits, flowers, roots- give rise to the infusion. While almost all tisanes have zero caffeine content, herbal green teas are low on caffeine. If you are looking to buy herbal tea online, then Teafloor is your one-stop destination. At Teafloor, we offer a wide range of herbal tea, which are prepared from the finest quality ingredients.

Types of Herbal Tea Online

For centuries, healing herbal teas have been used in traditional Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic medicines to treat symptoms of various health-related problems.

What started as an accidental infusion in 2737 BC, has turned into a popular trend in lifestyle that people use to detox, relax, induce sleep and treat colds and flues.

When you buy tea online, you must carefully assess what the type of tea is and which type do you want to go in for. Here are a few of the types of herbal tea:

1. Roots:

Known as the lifeline of the plant, roots absorb various nutrients from the soil and make sure the plant stays nourished throughout its lifespan. Roots are thick and fibrous in texture and can house various micro-organisms as well.

For several herbal teas, roots are roasted dried which can work as a caffeine substitute. Some examples of root-based herbal teas are multi-green tea, ginger green tea, turmeric tisane, chicory root tisane, dandelion root tisane, etc.

2. Bark:

Incharge of carrying out the nourishment of the plant as well, barks are not a common herbal tea ingredient. Every variety of bark imparts a distinct and unique flavor in a herbal tea infusion.

However, they need to be harvested professionally as careless harvest may hamper the growth of the plant. Some examples of bark-based herbal teas are cinnamon, wild cherry, willow bark, slippery elm, etc.

3. Flowers:

Dried or fresh flowers along with their petals are special ingredients used in herbal tea. They add peculiar colors and flavors to the infusion. Known as the most delicate part of the flower, these are rich in antioxidants and some are even anti-inflammatory in nature.

Examples of flower-based herbal teas are rose, jasmine, chamomile, hibiscus, elderflower, red clover, lavender, etc.

4. Leaves:

Apart from the use of the leaves of camellia Sinensis in herbal tea, leaves of various other plants are potent in sugar, proteins, and enzymes. Leaves also release flavors and aromas that range from calming to invigorating for the drinker.

A few examples of leaf-based herbal tea are mint, tulsi, rooibos, vervain, lemon balm, yerba mate, etc

5. Fruits and Seeds:

These are the part of a herbal tea that adds not only texture but a fruity or tangy flavor to the blend. Fruits and seeds are full of vitamins and minerals, potent in health-boosting properties.

They enhance the healing effects of herbal tea while also add to its taste. Few examples of fruits and seeds-based herbal tea are strawberries, blueberries, cardamom, fennel, elderberries, pomegranate, vanilla, lemon, orange, etc.

Best Herbal Tea only at Teafloor

When someone opts to buy tea online because they are looking for the best quality of the product. Any product prepared with any kind of tampering is not natural and can harm a person’s health. Therefore, at Teafloor, when manufacturing herbal tea, we make sure that all its ingredients are hundred percent natural.

Our herbal teas have no additional flavors in our infusions that may be harmful to the drinker. In fact, our master blenders avoid fiddling too much with the ingredients so that they can retain their natural flavors. So, whenever you wish to buy tea online from a reputed online tea store, select Teafloor– the only destination for those who want a hundred percent genuine tea blends.

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