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Where to Buy iced tea Online

The best part is that you need don’t worry about where to buy iced tea online anymore. Teafloor is the best platform to make your purchase. Enjoy Iced tea and its benefits and refresh your mind and soul with this cold brew.

Iced tea is extremely popular as a cold beverage and is in great demand. It is one of the most preferred cold tea forms and is a good alternative to regular soda and cold drinks.  In other words, Iced tea is great for staying hydrated, boost your energy levels, and fight infections.

Iced tea and its benefits

Regular Iced tea is basically a chilled form of tea usually sweetened with sugar, syrup, or apple slices. Iced tea and its benefits are much more than one can think of. Therefore, this tea is a great alternative to diet soda.  Iced tea keeps you hydrated and boosts your metabolism.

Above all, iced tea is not only healthy but is tasty too. This is the major reason due to which this is now included in the menu of famous restaurants, clubs, and other dining places. If you want to buy varieties of iced tea online, you should explore the Teafloor and make your final purchase after that,

Type of Iced Tea

There are different types of iced tea available online. The most popular flavor includes Pomegranate and Lime Iced Tea, Classic Sweet Tea, Mint Tea, Lemonade tea, Peach iced tea and many more.  You can buy the type of iced tea you like from Teafloor today.

Different types of iced tea make it convenient for people to choose the flavor they like the most. In other words, since each flavor is unique, the demand and popularity differ from one type to another.

How to Prepare Iced Tea

The best thing about iced tea is that it is extremely easy to prepare. To know How to Prepare Iced Tea, go through the below steps:

  • You need to steep iced tea bags in a hot water for 10 minutes and let them rest.
  • Add honey and water in a large pitcher separately.
  • After that, pour the hot tea mixture and mix it in the pitcher with ice cubes.
  • In addition to that, you can use raspberries, mints, strawberries, etc. to give it a fruit punch.

Best iced tea brands in India

It is very important that you buy iced tea online from the best tea stores. Teafloor iced tea is among the Best iced tea brands in India and you can make your purchase online. Above all, Iced tea provides health benefits to the consumers and can help to lead a better understanding of a healthy lifestyle.

Top-selling iced tea brands

Iced tea has great quality and taste.  Lipton Iced Tea, Bai Iced Tea, Tazo Iced tea, Pure Leaf Iced tea, and Iced teas at Teafloor are among the Top-selling iced tea brands available online. Above all, you have many options to choose the best-iced tea online.

Best iced Tea Price List in India

Zesty Orange Green Tea Rs.570/100G
Turmeric Citrus Spice Herbal Tea Tisane Rs.317/100G
Tulsi Green Tea Rs.186/100G
Tulsi Ginger Green Tea Rs.149.15/100G
Strawberry Rush Tea Tisane Rs.542/100G
Pomegranate Medley Green Tea Rs.374.20/100G
Pineapple Ginger Moringa Green Tea Rs.256/100G
Mulethi Green Tea Rs.192.85/100G
Mint Green Tea Rs.191.90/100G
Lemon Mojito Green Tea Rs.525/100G
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