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Teafloor: Lovingly Crafted Tea – Just for YOU!

Tea is said to be a language in itself. Unlike any other drink, it depicts freedom, serenity and inspiration. History has summoned it all with instances of tea being – “A healer to human life.” Tea is consumed across nations making its existence “symptomatic” among them. India is one of the biggest consumers of tea, and with rising awareness on tea benefits, tea consumption is sky-rocketing. Tea connects people and this connection leads to love. Keeping the above in mind, TEAFLOOR was born.

The Birth

It all started a decade ago. A week before his 12th board exams, a young boy gave a demented look at the textbooks lying on his study table. Worried and confused, he closed his eyes and tried to relax but all he could feel was an intense clumsiness in his body. Sensing his frame of mind, his mother gave him a cup of tea. The boy took the cup, stared it for a while and drank it.

The same boy, Vivek Agarwal, after 12 years sips on a cup of tea and remembers it all. Life never stops taking exams, it was board exams then and now it was called the Life exams!!! But Vivek is a fighter and knows how to conquer this battle of exams. With every sip of tea he throttles down his food pipe, his subconscious slowly curtails an idea into his conscious mind. With the last sip, Vivek closes his eyes and relaxes.


He jumps up again, takes a piece of paper and pens down his ideas. After a few hours of unstoppable digging and scratching all over the paper, Vivek finally relaxes and smiles. In between so many scratched words, unorganized numbers and unreadable sentences (which only Vivek could read), eight letters and two words could be seen

“Tea floor”

and the birth of something unique took place…

The Born Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is an innate quality; it’s not something you can teach. Vivek Agarwal, the founder of Tea Floor, is a born entrepreneur. For Vivek, the entrepreneur journey started during his college days when he was graduating from Christ College, Bangalore. He was naturally inclined towards business and unlike others in college, he never wanted to be dependent on anyone in his life. That is how he started his first business venture, where he started selling teas to the students during exams. In a short frame of time, he managed to expand his infant business a little larger by catering more students. This particular time was very important for him because it was then that the craze for both tea and business took a hit.

Inspired By Father

Everybody has a hero in their life and the heroes are someone who shapes our instincts. Vivek was always a “Daddy Boy” and looked for inspiration in his own father. When other boys had superman, spiderman etc as heroes in their childhood, Vivek’s real hero was his Father and still is!!!

Born and brought up in Kishanganj, very close to Siliguri (land of tea gardens), Vivek was always observing the way his father worked. Being the son of an entrepreneur, he quickly grasped all the required business acumen. He believes that his father is a great influence on him and it is his blessings that he has started this venture – Tea Floor.

Why Tea Floor

The exact meaning of Teafloor: “Tea lovers and Tea on a single platform.”

The key message which TEAFLOOR sends is something which is now slowly diminishing from our society – UNITY & LOVE. Our main motive is to bring together all the tea lovers around the world and spread the idea of love and unity, just over a cup of tea. With Teafloor, we want to reach out to as many people as possible and make ‘TEAFLOOR’ a global brand across nations.

Revolutionizing The Tea Experience

Tea floor brings to you, an amazing experience tea experience, by providing the best quality and economically priced teas. We tackle the needs of tea lovers across the world by giving them “specialty tea” at its best.

We bring to you tea in its freshest form, as we have our own tea garden (and are associated with major tea gardens). We source our teas directly from them which reduces the interference of third party vendors. We ensure that the tea delivered to our customers is in exact form as handpicked from the tea gardens.

Yes, we are different!!!

Unlike other players in the market, TEAFLOOR focuses both on domestic and international front. Our soul aim is to capture the world global tea market. We are looking to also import some of the best quality tea from the top tea producing nations such as Kenya, Srilanka and Japan in the future. Also, our vacuum packaging keeps the tea leaves intact and prevents them from breaking and ultimately turning into powder.

Timely delivery…no hiccups!!!

We have a “unique prime delivery service” which focuses on delivering the product at ultra fast speed to our customers. Timely delivery of products ensures that the product doesn’t spoil over time and our customers get quality product.

Redefining Tea

Teafloor aims to redefine the tea culture in India and place it at par with the global market. We would be doing this by using some machine learning strategies to understand our users as much as possible and provide them with best suited tea as per their demands. We also plan to bring new global technological advances of tea in India.

India is one of the biggest consumers of tea in the world. Drinking tea has turned out to be more of a “status symbol” in India which has led people to experiment with tea. Rise in the health concerns among people have led them to choose tea in their lifestyle. We make sure that our customers stay healthy and get the best tasting tea.

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