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  • Know About SHUDDHI

  • Detoxing is the act of removing the toxins from our body and thereby removing their negative effects on our constitution. Regular detoxing works like a reset button – both for our bodies and our minds. Our Shuddhi blend takes care of the former, and a smile will take care of the latter!
  • Health Benefits

  • 1. Gets rid of body toxins

    2. Lowers risk of UTIs

    3. Reduces inflammation

  • dry leaf

  • Dry Leaf is a bold mix of select green tea blended with some rare herbs and leaves.
  • infusion

  • Ambrish liquor with a ting of pink, a delicate balance of flavor and aroma, imparted by the stevia ans stinging nettle leaves. Combined with some rare herbs to help you in detoxfying your overall system.
  • liquor

  • Dark Green with the hint of color coming from the prsence of Cranberry.
  • steeping Notes

  • Water- 180ml, Temp- 80-85C, Quantity- 3 grm, Brewing Time- 1 min
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