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Sip For Your Health

S-No Tea Description Net Wt. 
1 Darjeeling Thunder Delight Oolong Tea  10gm
2 Nilgiris Premium Virgin Green Tea  10gm
3 Nilgiris Silver Tip White Tea  10gm
4 Arya Diamond Darjeeling Black Tea  10gm
  • Know Your Tea

  • In present scenario, where everyone is busy in the hustle and bustle of their life chores, no one gets time to think about their health which ends up in regrets later. So, we have made your work easier by getting your daily nutrition in your cup. Our pack consists of Darjeeling Thunder Delight Oolong Tea, Nilgiris Premium Virgin Green Tea, Nilgiris Silver Tip White Tea and Arya Diamond Darjeeling Black Tea. There's no way you could have tasted all of the teas of our "Sip for Your Health" pack that landed on store shelves this month. So we've done the legwork for you. We've sipped our way through dozens of tea samples to get you the most delicious, nutritious tea. Bottoms up!

  • Health Benefits

  • 1- Improves Dental Health

    2- Lowers Cholestrol

    3- Healthy Digestive Tract

  • Tea Condiments

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