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As with wine, each tea has its own character.

How a tea tastes, smells, and appears is highly influenced by the geography, geology, and climate of the region in which the tea plant is grown. The influence is so big that even the teas of same variety differ in flavor from region to region. Tea that is grown in the high, thin air of the Himalaya in eastern Nepal will invariably taste different than tea that is grown in the low-lying, hot, and humid river valley region of Assam, India.

Here at Teafloor, we have a very straight-forward approach towards sourcing teas. When we visit a tea-producing region, we see a composite of teas from north and south, coastal areas, and inland regions. After some miles and thousands of steps, we roll out our tents, in the region which has the most distinctive and strong elements. There, our only objective is to learn everything we can about a particular tea before it hits your cup.


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