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Detox Tea- Shuddhi


Detox Tea- Shuddhi

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Detox Tea- Shuddhi



A mélange of green tea with stinging nettle, lemon peel and cranberries to help purify body toxins and eliminate cold weather maladies.

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Benefits of Detox Tea- Shuddhi

1. A cup of detox

With Shuddhi detox tea comes ingredients like lemon peel, stinging nettle, and green tea. All these are full of antioxidants that prevent cell damage by fighting free radicals that steal their ions from healthy cells. Apart from reducing cell damage, these ingredients help improve your digestion. They help in the breakdown of food, so your body doesn’t hold toxic fat. The tea is also kind of a diuretic that helps increase your pee sessions giving you full opportunity to throw out anything toxic. That’s how Shuddhi tea helps cleanse your body.

2. A cup for stronger immunity

The antioxidants of this blend help get rid of body toxins. It detoxifies the body, helping our cells function efficiently and prolonging cell life. The cleansing not only prevents cell damage but also increases blood flow. This means whatever nutrients you consume now have a better chance to reach different organs and keep them healthy. These include your brain and heart. The antibacterial and antiviral properties of Shuddhi’s ingredients also help fight any harmful microorganisms. These may otherwise cause any infections.

3. A cup for health weight

When you remove toxins from your body, you get rid of some extra weight too. Plus, you make space for nutrients to reside and work in your body without getting affected by the toxins. The nutrients help keep your digestive tract in check, thus making sure your weight stays in the healthy range.

Detox Without Fuss With Shuddhi As Your Friend

How many times have you experimented with detox drinks? Mixing everything together can be a bit of trouble if you don’t know which herbs complement each other and what ratio you should put them in. Guess what? ChaiSpa’s special Shuddhi Detox Tea is here to save you all the trouble. A perfect mélange of green tea with stinging nettle, lemon peel, and cranberries, this tea helps purify your blood by eliminating body toxins. It makes more room for nutrients to travel around your body and reach organs to provide them with the ultimate nourishment. The detoxification also leads to less seasonal maladies by strengthening your immunity. The tea uses stevia to add some sweet flavor and aroma, so it’s more of a reward rather than torture when you work on your body and health this way.

  • The antioxidants of this blend help get rid of body toxins. It detoxifies the body, helping our cells function efficiently and prolonging cell life.

Know it, before you pour it.

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Dark Green with the hint of colour coming from the presence of Cranberry.


Amber coloured liquor with a tinge of pink. A delicate balance of flavour and aroma, imparted by the stevia and stinging nettle leaves, combined with some rare herbs to help you in detoxifying your overall system.

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