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Kadak Masala


Kadak Masala

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Kadak Masala



Developed by our in house experts, this exotic blend combines Assam CTC black tea and a selection of spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves and black pepper corns to deliver a flavourful cup, that envelopes the decadent flavour of Assam tea in the warmth of exotic spices.

20 pyramid tea bags


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Benefits of Kadak Masala

  • A cup of this spicy beverage can elevate your senses, helping ease nausea, cold and severe chest congestion. Plus, the electrifying flavour of this tea is an excellent wake-up call.

Know it, before you pour it.

Hand crafted special Tea and Teaware


Bright coppery brown infusions coupled with the aroma of the carefully selected blend of spices.


Bright, light yellowish golden liquor with a delicate & balanced mouthfeel. Strong aroma of spices and black CTC tea, with musky aftertaste.

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