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  • The Tea Explorer The Tea Explorer
  • The Tea Explorer The Tea Explorer
  • The Tea Explorer The Tea Explorer

The Tea Explorer

S-No Tea Description Net Wt. 
1 Kadak Masala Mantra Chai  10gm
2 Assam Exotic Chai  10gm
3 Mint Green Tea  10gm
4 Mulethi Green Tea  10gm
  • Know About The Tea Explorer

  • "The Tea Explorer" as the name defines- one who travels/discovers/explore the new "Unknown" areas of something (Read: Tea). Being a tea lover is itself a journey and our collection "The Tea Explorer" truly justifies its meaning by providing you the best classic taste. The pack with all the four different varieties of teas ensures to make you feel wonderful with every sip. The pack consists of Kadak Masala Mantra Chai - to make you go crazy with its home-made Indian spices taste, Mint Green Tea- to calm down your body and soul with its minty after effects & tastes, Assam Exotic Chai- it's 3 C's -cardamom, clove, cinnamon to make you feel healthy and energetic with every sip and a naughty after taste of spices, Mulethi Green Tea- to make you feel earthly and close to your nature along with its health benefits. Need we say more? Go on those journey now. You can get your tickets just by clicking at Buy Now Option.

  • Health Benefits

  • 1- Energises your Body

    2- Lowers the Risk of having Cancer

    3- Cures Cold and Flu

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