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Why Teafloor?

We at Teafloor, personally ensure that goodness is delivered in every cup. We have a lovingly crafted tea selection that lets you choose from a catalogue of premium tea variants: Black, Green, Oolong, White, Herbal and Flavoured. Each tea that we sell has been carefully sourced and selected on the merits of taste, authenticity and fair trade. Teafloor Wholesale program is crafted to help you begin your journey with tea. Take your pick at highly discounted rates and let’s ensure freshness to every Tea Lover.

The Benefits Of Purchasing Bulk, Wholesale Loose Leaf Tea

It is high time that tea should become the official, national beverage of the nation. Available in a plethora of varieties, tea is loved by people of all ages. Colloquially known as “chai,” the beverage is a huge part of the Indian culture. The first mention of tea was made in the Ramayana, where the beverage was clearly documented in this age-old religious epic. However, it was the British East Indian Company who first set up tea plantations and factories around the nation. Since then Indians have been smitten by tea, and this love affair isn’t going to get over any time soon. You will find tea stalls dotted all along the Indian landscape, and you must have noted how this drink has made it to the list of dietary staples of the people residing here. Served as a refreshment in every household, tea has occupied a special place in the Indian culture. If you are a lover of tea, just like most of us, then Teafloor is the website for you. Home to some of the most exotic brews from across the world, Teafloor happens to be one of the most reputed tea wholesale suppliers in the nation.

How To Buy Wholesale Loose Leaf Tea? 

If you are on the hunt for loose leaf tea suppliers who sell good quality tea leaves at affordable rates, then you should trust Teafloor. The quality of their tea is better than most of the other tea suppliers, as they take great measure to send out the best brews at nominal rates. Teafloor stocks up on exotic brews which are hard to find elsewhere. So if you are looking for Darjeeling tea wholesale suppliers or organic tea wholesale suppliers, then look no further. The website sells authentic tea leaves which are free from any kind of adulteration. Buying bulk tea online can not only help you save money, but you won’t run out of your tea stock every now and then.

Why Must You Buy Bulk Tea Online? 

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is the fact that buying tea in bulk can help you save a lot of money. If you run a cafe or own a tea stall, then buying tea from loose leaf tea distributors will make sure, that you make a good profit. Not only will the cost of tea leaves reduce, but given the quality of the tea leaves, the brew will taste and smell excellent. This will draw more crowd, as most tea consumers are on the hunt for affordable, yet delicious tea. The most popular yet affordable teas are Assam and CTC tea, and Teafloor happens to be a CTC tea wholesale supplier as well as Assam tea wholesale supplier.

The Whole Idea Behind Wholesale Tea Purchase 

Wholesale tea purchase is basically for tea sellers, tea leaf re-sellers and people who have large families. So basically, it is for those people who have a large demand for tea leaves and run out of them really fast. Such a service is great when you sell tea as a profession because, firstly, you will have access to one of the finest teas available in the market and secondly, the quality will be impeccable so the brew will definitely taste nice. Wholesale tea suppliers like Teafloor, get their tea from reputed sources and have emerged to become well-known tea distributors. The website stocks up on many varieties of teas. So from exotic, hard-to-find teas, to easily accessible by high-grade teas, they have it all.

If you are looking for green tea wholesale suppliers, to be able to cater to your health conscious clientele, then be sure to buy good quality loose leaf teas in bulk from Teafloor to save some money. You can easily place the order from the comfort of your home and the order will be delivered at your choice of address within a few working days, You do not have to worry about the accommodation of carrying the leaves all the way. This is a very fast and easy way to lay your hands on some of the finest teas at wholesale rates. Once you try Teafloor bulk tea online you will definitely get hooked on to it. The wholesale tea price won’t pinch your pocket and you will be certainly satisfied with the quality of the tea. 

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