The ultimate guide on how to enjoy “me” time

how to enjoy "me" time

Do you recall?
The time,
when things seem a little out of hand,
The time,
No amount of sleep comes to rescue.
The time,
the heart begins to shrink,
the soul tired to death,
yet you must not stop,
The time,
you cease to exist.

Amongst the endless worries about commitments made to others, do you include yourself in the list of priorities? Can you ever achieve success by being buried in work? Can you remain happy by sidetracking your need for self-love and care? All of us have experienced those times (or still do!) where we have a lot to manage. Coping with work commitments, personal life, fitness etc. can be a daunting task. The combination of unreasonable expectations and never-ending hunger to excel puts us at risk of being overworked.

It is a sign of danger when you become so lost in work that there’s hardly any time for yourself. Recent studies suggest that working for long hours can be detrimental to health and overall well-being. It can contribute to disturbed sleep, psychological stress and increased risk of heart ailments and diabetes. Moreover, spending extra hours on work doesn’t necessarily improve your output. It tends to reduce productivity levels and lead to frustration. Taking short breaks from work helps increase performance and focus on goals. It can include anything- learning a new skill, reading a book of choice, sipping tea at your favourite café- the list goes on.

how to enjoy "me" time

How I spend quality “me” time

During me-time, I believe in channeling my energy in activities that I love. There is nothing better than pursuing one’s passion as it leads to fulfillment and happiness. While it is ideal to try activities that are productive and good for health like outdoor activities, exercising etc., one should primarily focus on what they enjoy doing most. What is the point of doing an activity which you have been avoiding and don’t enjoy? It would seem boring and somewhat like the daily chores. Moreover, there are high chances that you never consider doing it. One of my hobbies includes writing, especially poetry.

Not merely a poem,
The strength to bare it all,
The tolerance to wound my heart to express,
The stubbornness to continue the breathtaking misery,
The passion to unabashedly worship myself,
My unexpected surprise you come and go,
To ignite the passion in me,
One never to be stolen.

Poetry allows me to introspect and de-clutter my mind. My poems are simply self- expression which give me a clearer perspective of how I feel, what I want, what to do etc. It feels like I have lent a voice to my innermost feelings through words. I find night time best for letting my creative juices flow. There are two reasons behind it. First of all, I can focus without disturbance while everyone is asleep. Secondly, I can use the events of the day as my inspiration. The mundane occurrences like conversations shared, places explored, the behaviour of strangers etc. can never be underestimated. For it is these random acts that have the power to convey the untold. While most prefer typing on a laptop or smartphone, I prefer using a diary and pen. There is a sense of satisfaction associated with writing on the thin sheets of paper.

Although a night owl, sometimes I struggle to stay awake. For such times, green tea is my go-to drink. This healthy drink contains just the right amount of caffeine to help me stay awake without experiencing any sudden crash of energy. Green tea has a significantly lesser amount of caffeine compared to coffee, so no need to keep count of cups consumed. The health benefits include better heart health, stronger immune system, prevention of diseases and improved digestive process etc.

Final Verdict

The importance of having time for yourself is underrated. Having alone time must not be confused as an excuse to procrastinate, waste time or being selfish etc. You are entitled to live life to the fullest without any compromises. Only you are capable of controlling your life and deciding its future course of action. To be rewarded quality me-time is certainly a blessing.

Living in a competitive society has a major role to play. It encourages a “have it all” attitude which deprives you the time to take care of ourselves. Honestly, you can never be too busy to make way for some free time. The best way to utilise this time is to pursue your passion and not what you are expected to do. It is alright to do something weird or stupid as long as you enjoy it.

Having alone time should not feel like an obligation but an essential part of your lifestyle. Balance is a key to ensure good quality of life. Time lost can never return but when used wisely, allows you to manage daily chores with ease. The struggle is real but trust me, it’s possible!

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