Benefits of Black Tea on an Empty Stomach

Benefits Of Black Tea

There are a number of benefits of black tea. This brew which is derived from the Camellia sinesis plant is an absolute favorite of thousands of people across the globe. Known for its robust flavor, aroma and deep-dark infusion, the black brew undergoes the heaviest amount of oxidation. Mostly rich in caffeine, the tea is usually consumed in the morning because of its ability to kick lethargy away. The black tea is generally good for health, however, you must have it in its plain state without the addition of multiple spoonfuls of sugar. While many people enjoy a dairy whitener or milk with their tea, it is the healthiest when consumed plain. If you hate strong brews, then you must add fewer tea leaves make the concoction lighter and more palatable.

“Bed-Tea Culture”

Black tea is an integral part of our daily diet. Most people start their day with a mug full of this cuppa. Since it is rich in caffeine, it really helps in fighting lethargy and increases mental alertness in the morning. A cup of this brew in the morning will help you focus on your work with ease. There are plenty of people who cannot function without their cuppa. The “bed tea culture” often includes black tea because it is so robust and strong.

In recent years a few studies have revealed that having tea in the morning can be hazardous However, the reality is quite the contrary. There are millions of people across the world who start their day with the black brew, and they haven’t noticed anything wrong with their health. In fact, they feel more energized in the morning and are able to focus on their work, in a much better fashion. There are many advantages of including this brew in your morning diet and some of them are mentioned as follows:

Benefits Of Black Tea

Benefits of Black Tea

  1. The brew is known for removing plaque from the teeth. It refreshes breath and prevents the formation of cavities.
  2. Black tea has the ability to make the body more sensitive towards the natural insulin secreted within the system. Due to this reason, it is an excellent beverage for diabetics. However, patients should keep in mind to have it without any milk or sugar, as that will disrupt its properties.
  3. If you hate having plain water, then you can switch it with some iced tea. You can chug on this delicious and caffeinated mixture which will keep you hydrated and recharged throughout the day.
  4. Another benefit of black tea is the fact that it is known for accelerating the natural fat burning process within the body. People who consume the black brew on the daily are able to maintain a healthy physique.
  5. It recharges and rejuvenates the entire system without making one breakout into jitters. It is an excellent alternative to coffee, which emits caffeine almost immediately because of which your energy fizzles out within a couple of hours. The slow release of caffeine is another one of the benefits of black tea, which helps you stay focused for long hours of the day.
  6. This brew is known for improving heart health. A research conducted in the year 2009 revealed people who consume black tea in the morning have 21% lower risk of a stroke. However, like everything else, it is good to practice moderation when it comes to this brew, 2 to 3 cups of it are the ideal quantity.
  7. This particular form of tea is known for making the bones stronger. Regular tea drinkers are less prone to osteoporosis as it improves bone density. It also inhibits the onset of arthritis.


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