Why is Lemon Ginger Honey Tea Your Best Cooler This Summer?

Summer is at its best right now. The mighty Sun is all set to shine to his glory and doesn’t look like we are going to receive any mercy! Even the thought of stepping out makes one feel exhausted. If you look at it differently, it is time to spend time home and doing things that you had been procrastinating. This means lot of time to make delicious, refreshing beverages that keep you on your toes through the exhausting heat, minus the calories. Of course, we understand how important is calorie count to you.

Now, yes we agree with you that you may not enjoy having a boiling cup of hot cup tea. In this case, how about having a cup of green tea? It is considered to be the most healthy way to spend a relaxing time at home. Now why would a green tea be considered a good beverage? For reasons more than you could have ever imagined. As you all would have read in our blogs, green tea is a fighter of many physical disorders and conditions. Let us find out what makes our green tea so powerful.

Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on the body. The load of polyphenols like flavonoids and catechins it contains, function as powerful antioxidants. One can also rely on green tea for protection against cancer. It contains caffeine – only as much your body needs, to produce a response without causing the “jittery” effects associated with too much caffeine. Ladies, green tea is a boon to your fat burn and weight loss regimen as it boosts the body’s metabolic rate.

There are various ways of having a good cup of green tea. Two of them we will talk about is that it can be had plain by just adding warm water to a sachet of green tea or by adding some tasty, healthy ingredients to it. The best accompaniments for a green tea are – lemon and ginger. Lemon, as we all know is one of the richest source of vitamin C that benefits our bodies, especially in summers. Apart from its detoxifying properties, lemon reduces risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. It also aids in digestion and improves your skin quality.

Ginger is a spice added to our chais since ages. And needless to say, it is a very well thought choice of our ancestors. What they knew, and we don’t is ginger has strong medicinal properties.  It helps in digestion, reduces nausea and helps in fighting the flu and common cold, to name a few. There are some studies showing ginger to be effective at reducing symptoms of osteoarthritis, which is a very common health problem.

Why have Lemon ginger green tea?

It boosts Your Immune System – The benefit that tops the list is its ability to strengthen your immunity. This is due to the presence of high levels of antioxidants in it. The powerful antioxidants reduce free radicals in the body and increase blood circulation in the body that is vital for optimum health. In the onset of cold and flu, the ginger lemon tea can act as an effective antibiotic.

It Brings Instant Relief From Nausea and Indigestion – Summers usually cause vomiting and nausea. Ginger lemon tea provides the best relief mechanism. It eases the pain and uneasiness of an upset stomach. The ginger and lemon in the tea lowers the chances of heartburn and indigestion. It causes the food to be better absorbed by the body and improves appetite.

It Lowers The Effects Of Diabetes – New research has shown that drinking ginger lemon tea on a daily basis can reduce kidney damage that occurs due to the effects of diabetes. The high levels of zinc found in ginger play a prime role in the production and secretion of insulin. It is the insulin that controls the blood sugar levels and keeps diabetes in check.

It Is Your One-Stop-Drink To Perfect Skin And Great Hair – As mentioned above, ginger lemon tea’s rich in antioxidants and vitamins are beneficial for perfect skin, hair and health. The beverage helps in getting a  flawless skin and protect your skin from infections. For strong and beautiful hair, ginger lemon tea provides you a natural aid. A vitamin and antioxidant rich drink like ginger lemon tea will help you overcome hair problems in an absolute natural and simple way.

It Is The Apt Drink For Weight Loss – All the ingredients of lemon ginger green tea aid in losing weight. Ginger improves fat absorption and prevents its accumulation on the body while lemon increases your metabolism.

Now doesn’t this make a perfectly brewed Lemon Ginger Green Tea an absolute must for your summers. You may say, how is it advisable to have a brewed cuppa tea in summers. Well, you can choose to make an ice green tea. Here’s a recipe to make a great ice tea.

How do we make the tea?

First step, choose the green tea from amongst the various choices available at www.teafloor.com

Put water for boiling and add freshly grated ginger to it. Strain the boiled ginger and add fresh lime juice to it. Now, let the water cool for a while until it is simmering. Steep the tea for three minutes in the simmering water. Add freshly cut lemon juice to it. In case, you’d prefer to add sweet flavour to your tea, add a spoonful of honey and enjoy the beverage.

In case you’d like to have and ice-tea, let the beverage cool and add some ice to it! Oh, in case you’d like additional flavour, try adding pudina and tulsi leaves to the tea and it will give the right taste to your lemon ginger green tea.

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  3. This tea is best for every person who wants to lose weight naturally. I have tried this tea & got great results. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Although a hot cup of ginger tea might not seem very appetising during the hot summer months, it’s certainly very beneficial for the body.

  5. Ingredients: 1 Cucumber 8-10 Mint leaves 2 Tbsp Lemon juice Ice cubes Iced Water Lemon rings and mint leaves

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  7. A lovely drink that needs only three ingredients, this quick delight will cleanse the toxins from your liver, intestinal tract and leave you feeling fresh.

  8. Thanks! I will try to follow the methods of consuming lemon-honey green tea for weight loss and other benefits shared by you.

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