Is Green Tea a Fat Burner? | Health Benefits Of Green Tea

Is Green Tea a Fat Burner

Green tea is a very popular health beverage and fitness enthusiasts absolutely swear by it. There are many stories pertaining to green tea weight loss, and how this concoction has helped people to achieve their desired weight. If you are someone who is struggling with weight gain and wish to lose all that flab naturally, then this brew most certainly will be your best friend. However, don’t treat this brew to be an overnight miracle, as it takes time, a minimum of two months to show results when coupled with a proper diet, strict sleeping patterns, and some exercises. You won’t have to go through rigorous diets, or have medicines to lose that paunch or that muffin top. 2 to 3 cups of this cuppa will do the trick for you.

Green Tea for Weight Loss

So the question remains, is green tea a fat burner? Well, the drink has bioactive substances which dissolve in water and help in stimulating fat burning within the body. It has mild amounts of caffeine, but it is good enough to help in accelerating lipolysis, which is the natural fat burning process that takes place within the body. This caffeine can help you perform much better during a workout so that you can go that extra mile and burn more calories than usual.

 Health Benefits Of Green Tea

The leaves contain a massive range of antioxidants, and the most important of them is Epigallocatechin or EGCG. This substance is known for boosting metabolism, thereby helping in losing weight. In order to burn fat, it needs to break down the fat cell and move it into the bloodstream. It also boosts a few fat burning hormones, which helps in losing weight much faster. There are a number of studies which have proven that this brew scientifically aids in losing body fat.

How to Buy Good Quality Green Tea for Weight Loss?

You can easily consume the green brew for weight loss, but be sure that the brew you purchase is of high quality. Source your green tea from Teafloor, to make the most of its health benefits. Buying good quality loose leaf tea rather than purchasing tea bags from the supermarket will be more beneficial to your health. Tea bags may contain adulterated or low-grade leaves, which will not benefit you as much as the high-grade loose leaf tea will. Yes, this brew can be a little expensive, but look at it as an investment towards your health.

Apart from helping removing layers of lard within the body. The green brew also aids in removing fat deposits not only from around the heart but also from the cardiac arteries. This keeps the heart rate steady and reduces bad cholesterol.

The human body is constantly working, irrespective of whether you are sleeping, eating, watching TV or sweating it out at the gym, the many functions taking place within your body require a lot of energy which comes from burning calories. A few studies suggest that the brew helps in burning 3% to 4% extra calories. So that amounts to around 60 to 80 calories per day, which can make a difference in the long run.

Green tea weight for loss works because the brew is known for reducing sugar cravings and the desire for binge eating. So the next time you feel like having a pizza, go and make yourself a steaming cuppa made from the green brew. After consuming the brew, you will notice that your hunger has subsided. So, if you do not consume large quantities of food, chances are that you won’t gain more weight. Known for helping in losing harmful abdominal fat; it removes visceral fat and reduces the risk of many diseases. While this tea helps in fat loss, by itself, you can couple it with exercises and a healthy diet to see quick results.

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